AB1OC-10 messages

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AB1OC-10 N1GDD 10/14 15:03:25z Send another rejQ
AB1OC-10 KC2OQV 10/06 12:42:31z Send another rejM0002
KC2OQV AB1OC-10 10/06 12:42:23z Reply Thank you Fred! Experimenting and appreciate the help{M0002
AB1OC-10 WA1GOV-10 09/30 11:34:31z Send another rej1
AB1OC-10 WA1GOV-10 09/18 11:34:22z Send another rej4
AB1OC-10 WA1GOV-10 08/27 11:38:11z Send another rej0
WA1GOV-10 AB1OC-10 08/27 11:35:03z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
AB1OC-10 WA1GOV-10 08/27 11:34:24z Send another AA:Message Recvd. by AB1OC-10