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2E1EHM G0HWC-14 09/23 20:08:04z Reply Test.
M3IOP g0hwc-14 09/21 21:28:16z Reply ?APRSP
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/07 16:38:44z Reply Hello Paul! :-){CT}BR
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG 09/07 16:34:27z Send another hi again Russ{BR}
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/07 11:21:18z Reply Vaughn has really messed things up!!{VE}
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/07 11:20:23z Reply Good afternoon Paul :-){VD}
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG 09/06 16:55:34z Send another cheers Mate{XD}FY
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/06 15:13:50z Reply Paul, I'm following you :-){FY}
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/05 17:45:31z Reply ttfn, 73's Paul{GA}AI
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG 09/05 17:45:15z Send another bye{AI}FS
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG 09/05 17:45:13z Send another ttfn{AH}FS
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG 09/05 17:45:06z Send another 73{AG}FS
VE3LSG G0HWC-14 09/05 16:47:29z Reply I can see you Paul! :-){FS}
VK4FI G0HWC-14 09/04 21:06:28z Reply Hi from VK land
M0STN-9 G0HWC-14 08/29 09:37:34z Reply ftm400xde steve in the shacknorthamptonhello{82
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG-2 08/10 20:08:13z Send another hi russ{SY}
VE3LSG-2 G0HWC-14 08/10 11:20:51z Reply We have those here too Paul{FQ}
VE3LSG-2 G0HWC-14 08/10 11:13:43z Reply GA Paul, I can hear and see you but not on the new VAUGHN TV :-({FP}
VE3LSG-2 G0HWC-14 08/02 11:16:13z Reply Hi Paul!{LN}
M6GYT-5 G0HWC-14 07/28 11:25:06z Reply Hi there DE M6GYT
G0HWC-14 VE3LSG-3 07/26 16:37:48z Send another hi there...{JF}
VE3LSG-3 G0HWC-14 07/26 12:17:04z Reply Hi Paul!{FO}
F0EAZ-14 G0HWC-14 07/18 10:55:16z Reply Hello Paul