G8JBQ messages

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G8JBQ G0ROZ-3 12/31 14:45:41z Send another test{YX}
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/31 14:44:37z Send another test{YW}
G6UIM G8JBQ 12/24 15:44:52z Reply AA:not at the keys at the moment, will reply asap. Steve
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/24 15:44:22z Send another can now see goroz-3 and others {PW}DU
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/24 15:44:21z Send another ok thanks for that i set the time on my tnc and now miracracly i+{PV}DU
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/24 15:31:04z Send another AA:rays portable
G6UIM G8JBQ 12/24 15:30:33z Reply it is a bit quiet but all seem on air{DU}XB
G8JBQ G8JBQ 12/24 15:19:22z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
G8JBQ G8JBQ 12/24 15:19:22z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
G8JBQ G8JBQ 12/24 15:19:22z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
G8JBQ G8JBQ 12/24 15:19:22z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
G8JBQ G8JBQ-8 12/24 13:34:42z Send another test{PU}
G8JBQ G0ROZ-3 12/24 13:30:58z Send another test{PT}
G8JBQ G0ROZ-3 12/24 13:18:06z Send another test{PS}
G8JBQ ON5SM 12/24 12:40:44z Send another test{XC}
WHO-IS G8JBQ 12/24 12:37:28z Reply ON5SM/A/Marc Soens/Belgium{1W}XD
G8JBQ WHO-IS 12/24 12:37:28z Send another ON5SM{XD}
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/24 12:25:28z Send another are all the local stations off air or has my rx gone bust{XB}
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/24 12:24:51z Send another qare{XA}
G8JBQ G8JBQ-8 12/24 12:23:24z Send another test{WZ}
G8JBQ BLN1 12/23 18:26:29z Send another please report signal stength on any links from digi perrott1
G8JBQ BLN2 12/23 18:25:59z Send another perrott aprs g8jbq8 sysop ray running on baofeng with tiny 2 tnc 144.8
G8JBQ G8JBQ-8 12/23 14:22:44z Send another test2{JW}
G8JBQ G8JBQ-8 12/23 14:22:13z Send another test{JV}
G8JBQ G6UIM 12/23 14:21:26z Send another test{JX}
G8JBQ G6DZM 12/22 17:56:22z Send another 26.0km NW 440 Voice 430.50000MHz +0.0000MHz G8KVP B(DARES){PL}
G8JBQ G8JBQ-8 12/22 17:54:09z Send another test{PM}
G8JBQ G6DZM 12/22 16:41:37z Send another test{PK}
WHO-IS G8JBQ 12/16 16:14:51z Reply G8JBQ/RJ Hughes/England{KG}GI
G8JBQ WHO-IS 12/16 16:14:51z Send another G8JBQ{GI}KF
WHO-IS G8JBQ 12/16 16:13:59z Reply G0ROZ/DORSET POLICE AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY QSL manager, Inspector 915 Richard Newton/England{KF}GH
G8JBQ WHO-IS 12/16 16:13:59z Send another G0ROZ{GH}
G8JBQ GB7MBQ 11/18 14:15:54z Send another test{WW}
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:44:11z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GS}WV
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:44:11z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk you dont nead a tnc just your+{WV}GR
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:43:07z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GR}WU
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:43:06z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk you only nead a copy of aprs3+{WU}GQ
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:26:13z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GQ}WT
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:26:12z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk do not nead any tnc{WT}GP
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:25:40z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GP}WS
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:25:40z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk must be connected to local ne+{WS}GO
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:25:28z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GO}WR
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:25:28z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk test message via tnc{WR}GN
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:13:43z Reply Email sent to terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk{GN}WQ
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:13:43z Send another terryhugheskirkcudbright@yahoo.co.uk test message from rays aprs ,+{WQ}GM
EMAIL-2 G8JBQ 11/18 13:09:48z Reply Email sent to ray@rayandkay.myzen.co.uk{GM}WP
G8JBQ EMAIL-2 11/18 13:09:48z Send another ray@rayandkay.myzen.co.uk from my aprs{WP}