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K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/04 13:14:38z Send another @5086857992 can you communicate about us coming Lebanah{38
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/04 12:59:22z Send another @5086857992 can you communicate about us coming Lebanah{37
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/04 12:50:28z Send another @5086857992 can you communicate about us coming Lebanah{36
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/04 12:43:49z Send another @5086857992 can you communicate about us coming Lebanah{35
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 02/03 21:18:29z Reply @N2ELI Good u?{M2601
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 20:38:42z Send another @N2ELI hey hows it?{34
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 19:31:23z Send another @N2ELI shalom !{32
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 19:29:11z Send another @N2ELI hey hows it?{33
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 15:33:28z Send another @5083261347 In van!{31
K1ZBT-7 KB1EMU-5 02/03 15:29:01z Send another 73{30
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 02/03 15:22:57z Reply @5084431511 Hey friend have a face grilled day{M2580
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 02/03 13:59:39z Reply @N2ELI The rash? Not bad.. Spread a bit{M2576
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 02/03 13:54:26z Reply @5084431511 have a face grilled day!{M2575
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 13:52:07z Send another @5084431511 hey friend have a grace filled day!{29
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 02/03 13:52:03z Send another @N2ELI hey hows it?{28
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/30 16:39:22z Reply @N2ELI U?{M2314
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/30 16:39:17z Reply @N2ELI Decent{M2313
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/30 16:35:03z Send another @N2ELI hey hows it?{27
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/30 15:44:27z Send another @5084431511 hey friend can u email me the best uhf ht 4 BenC to get{26
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/29 19:31:06z Reply @5084431511 have a face grilled day?{M2259
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/29 18:58:07z Reply @N2ELI Pretty good{M2250
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 18:57:10z Send another @N2ELI hey hows it?{25
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 18:55:58z Send another @5084431511 hey friend have a grace filled day!{24
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 18:54:43z Send another @5087376826 Praying for you Love you!{23
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 14:38:47z Send another @5084431511 hey friend have a grace filled day!{21
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 14:37:35z Send another @5087376826 Praying for you Love you!{22
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/29 13:59:49z Reply @5087376826 Thank you. Today us moving day. Sooo ???? love you so.{M2238
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 13:49:15z Send another @5087376826 Praying for you Love you!{20
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 13:47:04z Send another @5084431511 hey friend have a grace filled day!{19
KC1HHO-1 K1ZBT-7 01/29 01:10:12z Reply welcome to the traffic net{1
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/29 00:58:00z Reply @N2ELI ?{M2213
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/29 00:57:03z Send another @N2ELI No still in Btown!{18
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 22:14:18z Reply @N2ELI Watching Ben work?{M2196
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 21:57:42z Send another @N2ELI No still in Btown!{17
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 21:54:13z Reply @N2ELI ?{M2190
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 21:51:32z Reply @N2ELI ?see any vids on setup for screen?{M2191
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 21:47:40z Send another @N2ELI Awe{16
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 21:47:08z Reply @N2ELI When you be round again?{M2189
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 21:43:38z Send another @N2ELI Awe{15
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 21:42:28z Send another @N2ELI How was the day?{14
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 21:39:07z Reply @N2ELI Alright.. Missed you{M2187
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 17:40:16z Reply @N2ELI Eating{M2166
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 17:37:33z Reply @N2ELI It happens{M2167
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 17:36:12z Send another @N2ELI Again?{11
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 17:34:23z Send another @N2ELI working?{10
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/28 15:18:50z Reply @N2ELI Yup{M2146
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/28 14:25:40z Send another @N2ELI working?{08
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/09 00:37:02z Send another @5084431511 you don t listen to that{05
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 01/09 00:13:15z Reply @N2ELI Still sick boss{M878
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 01/09 00:12:40z Send another @N2ELI working?{04
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/27 02:21:50z Reply @N2ELI Home yet?{M31
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 22:49:12z Reply @5082809974 Did that card work for fuel?{M15
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 20:46:33z Reply @N2ELI Sent you a neat finger picking link{M8
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 18:45:22z Send another @N2ELI Go for it!{03
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 18:34:36z Reply @N2ELI Thinking I might go with an orchestra instead of the jumbo..{M9967
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 18:20:46z Reply @5082809974 Hi what's up{M9964
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 18:19:57z Send another @5082809974 Hi!{02
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 18:18:27z Reply @N2ELI End of an era{M9963
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 18:17:42z Send another @N2ELI Yup!!{98
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 18:10:53z Reply @N2ELI Closing down Simon the tanner?{M9960
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 18:09:15z Reply @N2ELI WOW!!{M9957
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 18:08:29z Send another @N2ELI Hes moving there{96
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 17:58:32z Reply @N2ELI Nice for what{M9954
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:42:03z Send another @5084431511 nice{95
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 17:38:08z Reply @5084431511 Boston{M9952
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:37:20z Send another @5084431511 bout you?{94
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:25:40z Send another @5084431511 bout you?{93
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:24:14z Send another @n2eli On way from IP to Cambridge to drop Ephrayim off{92
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 17:23:12z Reply @5084431511 Oh{M9950
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:22:32z Send another @5084431511 On way from IP to Cambridge to drop Ephrayim off{91
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 17:18:48z Reply @5084431511 Where are you?{M9947
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:18:24z Send another @5084431511 Miss you{90
SMSGTE K1ZBT-7 12/26 17:17:23z Reply @5084431511 Hi{M9945
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:16:29z Send another @5084431511 Shalom!{89
K1ZBT-7 SMSGTE 12/26 17:14:15z Send another @N2ELI shalom !{88