KD1IT-10 messages

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KD1IT-14 KD1IT-10 01/18 13:22:54z Reply Testing2{F4}61
KD1IT-14 KD1IT-10 01/18 13:19:53z Reply Testing2{F4}60
KD1IT-14 KD1IT-10 01/18 13:19:53z Reply Testing{F3}5F
KC1HHO-7 KD1IT-10 01/15 12:48:15z Reply Safe travels 73{89
KD1IT-10 WA1GOV-10 01/15 12:38:41z Send another Another day at the office. Need to retire ;){0O}
WA1GOV-10 KD1IT-10 01/13 14:27:03z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
KD1IT-10 WA1GOV-10 01/13 14:27:00z Send another Light flurries in W. Chelmsford. No accumulations. @kd1it{0N}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 20:13:07z Reply @6035400896 Reply...@KD1IT-10 Happy New Year from APRS-KD1IT. OK?{M469
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE-LO 01/01 20:04:16z Send another Just testing again. you should be able to reply on SMS{0M}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 19:53:16z Reply @KD1IT Test back{M467
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 19:52:52z Send another 4258297414 test{0L}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 19:51:22z Reply The number 4258297414 has been associated with this callsign.{C466
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 19:51:16z Send another #mynumber add 4258297414{0K}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 19:50:16z Reply The number associated with this callsign is 14258297414.{C465
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 19:50:16z Send another #mynumber show{0J}
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 16:03:00z Send another Testing APRS to SMS{0I}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 16:02:36z Reply The number associated with this callsign is 14258297414.{C458
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 16:02:36z Send another #mynumber show{0H}
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 15:34:17z Send another @14258297414 test{0G}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 15:20:31z Reply The number 14258297414 has been associated with this callsign.{C455
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 15:20:25z Send another #mynumber add 14258297414{0F}
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 15:06:27z Send another @16035400896 Happy New Year from APRS-KD1IT{0E}
SMSGTE KD1IT-10 01/01 15:04:44z Reply Message to 4258297414 delivered{C452
KD1IT-10 SMSGTE 01/01 15:04:38z Send another @14258297414? Testing SMSGTE Test{0D}
KD1IT-10 WA1GOV-10 12/30 00:24:29z Send another 38F, Sleet falling in West Chelmsford. @kd1it #IcyWeather{0C}