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WLNK-1 KJ6BBX 08/25 15:12:57z Reply You have 5 Winlink mail messages pending{552
WLNK-1 KJ6BBX 08/24 14:01:22z Reply You have 5 Winlink mail messages pending{481
WLNK-1 KJ6BBX 08/22 21:29:22z Reply You have 5 Winlink mail messages pending{271
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 08/18 20:11:37z Send another TEST
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/17 15:38:49z Reply @rob2 Testing{M8782
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/17 15:09:44z Reply @rob2 hello{M8779
KJ6BBX-9 KJ6BBX 08/06 09:57:40z Reply Hello there.
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 04:48:16z Reply @rob2 Hello{M7447
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 04:31:57z Reply @rob2 Test{M7446
KA6ECT KJ6BBX 08/01 04:02:07z Reply today is a fun day.
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:45:57z Reply @rob2 Goodbye{M7444
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:45:55z Reply @rob2 Hello{M7443
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:40:48z Reply @rob2 Howdy{M7442
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:37:47z Reply @rob2 Test{M7441
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:31:17z Reply @rob2 No!!!{M7440
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 03:22:36z Reply @rob2 Yes!!{M7439
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:59:02z Reply @rob2 Yes indeed{M7435
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:54:40z Reply @rob2 Today is great{M7433
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:54:12z Reply @rob2 Hello{M7432
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:48:58z Reply @rob2 I am hungry{M7431
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:45:04z Reply @rob2 getting dark{M7430
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:42:37z Reply @rob2 today is Wednesday{M7429
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:37:30z Reply @rob2 it's nice out{M7428
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:37:10z Reply @rob2 hi there{M7427
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:26:07z Reply @rob2 beautiful day{M7425
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:24:33z Reply @rob2 I'll say it is!{M7424
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:23:47z Reply @rob2 this is very cool{M7423
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 08/01 02:07:27z Reply @rob2 hello there{M7420
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 20:35:44z Reply @rob2 hello{M7391
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 19:36:11z Reply @rob2 beautiful day out{M7388
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 18:43:00z Reply @rob2 APRS test{M7386
KA6ECT KJ6BBX 07/31 18:23:18z Reply test2
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX-9 07/31 18:17:29z Send another howdy
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 16:40:42z Reply @rob2 Happy Wednesday!{M7379
KJ6BBX-9 KJ6BBX 07/31 13:42:24z Reply testing 1 2 3
KA6ECT KJ6BBX 07/31 13:41:31z Reply testtesttest
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 13:40:33z Send another hello
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 13:34:13z Reply @rob2 hello{M7366
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/31 03:52:23z Reply @rob2 Hello!!!{M7353
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 03:51:40z Send another Who am I kidding?
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 03:49:23z Send another I'm getting tired, so this may be the final test.
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 03:46:28z Send another Another test for me!
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 03:42:22z Send another Testing is the only way to make sure it will work.
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 03:40:24z Send another This is another wonderful test
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/31 02:54:27z Send another TEST WITH NEW OBJECT
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 14:14:19z Reply @rob2 Howdy{M7276
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 14:06:45z Reply @rob2 Hi{M7274
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 14:03:22z Reply @rob2 Hello{M7273
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 12:57:14z Reply @rob2 73 from Eagle Rock{M7272
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 04:31:11z Reply @rob2 This is fun{M7267
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:28:01z Send another Let's see if this works.
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:19:53z Send another I think this test will work!
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:17:32z Send another This is a testing message only. Really
KE6SOE KJ6BBX 07/30 04:08:15z Reply test 3
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 04:07:25z Reply @rob2 Hi there{M7265
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:06:10z Send another test 2
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:05:10z Send another test 1
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX 07/30 04:02:56z Send another This is a testing message only.
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 03:37:43z Reply @rob2 Hello{M7258
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/30 03:14:23z Reply @rob2 Test{M7254
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 22:24:29z Reply @rob2 He's almost home{M7235
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 21:31:45z Reply @rob2 I like it{M7234
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 21:09:48z Reply @rob2 Not as hot as the weekend{M7233
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 20:47:30z Reply @rob2 Yes it is{M7232
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 20:46:22z Reply Message to rob2 delivered{C7230
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/29 20:46:09z Send another @rob2? today is a nice day.
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 20:44:26z Reply Message to rob2 delivered{C7229
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/29 20:44:20z Send another @rob2? I will get this right!
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/29 20:43:51z Reply The command rob2 does not exist{C7228
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/29 20:43:51z Send another #rob2 Forgot the pound sign!
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/29 20:43:42z Reply Copy{M7227
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/29 20:43:27z Send another rob2? This is a test
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/29 20:39:37z Reply Greetings!{M7225
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/29 20:39:04z Send another rob2? Hello
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX-9 07/28 18:27:25z Send another Laect: test
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/26 01:58:59z Reply 88{M6822
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/26 01:58:57z Reply 73{M6821
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/26 01:58:54z Reply One of the heater vents is verrry loose now (& worse looking than b{M6820
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/26 01:57:33z Reply Yola-????{R6819
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/26 01:57:33z Reply Message to lr delivered{R6818
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/26 01:57:33z Reply @kim 10-4{R6817
SMSGTE-LR KJ6BBX 07/26 01:57:30z Reply Yola-????{M6816
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/26 01:57:03z Reply Message to lr delivered{C6815
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/26 01:56:48z Send another @lr? Hi from amateur radio!!
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/23 21:08:36z Send another ?APRSM
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/23 20:09:31z Reply Message to rob2 delivered{C6525
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/23 20:09:29z Send another @rob2? Test 2
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/23 20:09:01z Send another @rob2 Test
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/22 20:09:08z Reply @rob2 Good. You?{M6430
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/22 20:08:55z Reply Message to rob2 delivered{C6429
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/22 20:08:51z Send another @rob2? How are you?{M0002
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/22 20:08:20z Send another @rob2 Hi there.{M0001
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/22 20:07:10z Reply @rob2 Hello{M6428
KJ6BBX KJ6BBX-9 07/21 20:04:46z Send another hello{m000h
KJ6BBX N6CVO-11 07/21 16:56:23z Send another ?APRSP
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/21 16:30:43z Reply Message to kim delivered{C6299
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/21 16:30:37z Send another @kim? Good morning!{m000g
KJ6BBX BLN0LAECT 07/21 16:18:01z Send another Test Only
SMSGTE KJ6BBX 07/21 15:19:13z Reply Message to rob2 delivered{C6283
KJ6BBX SMSGTE 07/21 15:19:06z Send another @rob2? Not too warm. Low 80s I think.{m000f