KM4UFN-7 messages

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WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/21 12:19:24z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{961
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/20 21:06:17z Reply Log off successful{913
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/20 21:05:16z Send another b{8
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF 08/20 20:59:53z Send another Obviously not much{5
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF 08/20 20:58:59z Send another Obviously not much{6
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/20 20:57:55z Send another too cool! u beacon on? yes u?{7
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/20 20:57:36z Send another checked into wlnk net w APRS{4
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:56:29z Reply too cool! u beacon on?{2
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:53:56z Reply Got it!{0
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:52:36z Reply Got 2 msg{1
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:52:18z Reply Message sent to: W4OT{902
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/20 20:50:53z Send another I'm on APRS r u jk{3
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/20 20:50:38z Send another SMS W4OT KM4UFN APRSlink{2
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/20 20:47:29z Send another jjkNYF{1
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:44:32z Reply Hello KM4UFN-7{901
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/20 20:42:57z Reply Login [857]:{900
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/20 20:42:56z Send another jjk{0
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/20 17:36:50z Reply Login [657]:{878
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/19 18:03:13z Reply Login [871]:{829
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/19 17:58:35z Send another jjk{2
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 08/19 17:48:11z Send another W4OT KM4UFN APRSlink{1
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/19 17:47:42z Send another I'm on APRS r u jk{0
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/19 15:48:58z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{826
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/18 11:50:28z Reply got it{4
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/12 23:58:09z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{425
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 20:10:35z Reply ok perect{10
KK4THG-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 19:25:36z Reply jim are u on aprs? pls call me if poss949 637 1587 bob{0
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/08 17:22:58z Send another i have .pptx and .pdf 4 web site {5
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 17:02:04z Reply i knew you would!. learned a lot? saveme screen shots {9
KM4UFN-7 KK4THG 08/08 16:23:36z Send another See you at ham fest? {4
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/08 16:20:38z Send another I have great demo 4 Sat{3
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 16:19:50z Reply hot... msg b0b c ifhes awake{8
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/08 16:15:32z Send another ha ha How's the WX? {2
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 16:13:25z Reply u asked whaTs up!{7
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 08/08 16:11:50z Send another sky? {1
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/08 16:08:02z Reply sky{6
KK4THG KM4UFN-7 08/08 14:31:15z Reply listening?{2
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 08/06 19:25:22z Reply Hey Whats UP{1
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/02 15:09:23z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{101
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 08/01 15:40:52z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{373
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 07/29 15:51:15z Reply Hey Whats UP{0
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/22 16:05:32z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{50
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/21 23:33:08z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{62
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/18 00:07:08z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{3454
KM4UFN-7 SMSGTE 07/16 21:05:35z Send another @7723495566 John cell{2
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 07/16 21:03:15z Send another Hey Whats Up?2 3{1
KM4UFN-7 KK4SHF-7 07/16 21:01:20z Send another Hey Whats Up?{0
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/16 20:15:32z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{3382
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/16 16:07:04z Reply Log off successful{3372
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/16 16:07:03z Send another B{4
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/16 16:03:56z Reply Message sent to: W4OT{3371
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/16 16:03:55z Send another SMS W4OT KM4UFN VIA APRS{3
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/16 15:40:39z Send another W4OT KM4UFN APRS{2
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/16 15:30:58z Reply Hello KM4UFN-7{3368
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/16 15:30:57z Send another HPY145{1
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/16 15:25:26z Reply Login [145]:{3367
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 18:53:52z Reply rej7
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 18:53:52z Send another HI{7
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 18:38:56z Reply Too many login attempts -- try again later.{3327
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 18:38:56z Send another HI{6
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 18:38:03z Reply Not logged in{3326
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 18:38:03z Send another B{5
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 18:15:52z Reply Too many login attempts -- try again later.{3324
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 18:15:51z Send another uppcaa{4
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 18:00:20z Send another uppcaa{3
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 17:53:11z Send another uppcaa{2
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 17:51:52z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{3321
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 17:48:46z Send another Hi{1
WLNK-1 KM4UFN-7 07/15 17:48:43z Reply Login [643]:{3320
KM4UFN-7 WLNK-1 07/15 17:48:43z Send another Hi{0
KK4SHF-7 KM4UFN-7 06/29 14:27:11z Reply Hey Whats UP? {0
KM4UFN-7 W4GCW 06/23 23:48:14z Send another Hi Don Jim in Vero Beach after a long field day {0