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SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/06 01:08:06z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9915
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/06 01:06:34z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9914
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/06 00:34:02z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9910
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/06 00:12:35z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9909
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/06 00:02:16z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9908
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/05 23:49:24z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9906
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/05 22:33:32z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9902
SMSGTE-DS KM6AQE-9 07/03 21:53:08z Reply Yes{M9560
KM6AQE-9 SMSGTE-DS 07/03 21:34:09z Send another Test{6
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/03 01:23:36z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9471
N7PHX-6 KM6AQE-9 07/02 22:39:39z Reply hello 73{20
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/02 22:33:16z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9447
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/02 21:29:17z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9440
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:39:42z Reply @KM6AQE test{M9326
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:30:20z Reply @KM6AQE test message{M9324
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:28:29z Reply @KM6AQE reply{M9323
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:28:08z Reply @KM6AQE Reply{M9322
KM6AQE-9 SMSGTE 07/01 23:27:55z Send another @9515028249 test{5
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:22:23z Reply The number 9515028249 has been associated with this callsign.{C9319
KM6AQE-9 SMSGTE 07/01 23:22:21z Send another #mynumber add 9515028249{4
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:21:13z Reply Invalid syntax. Please try again.{C9318
KM6AQE-9 SMSGTE 07/01 23:21:13z Send another #mynumber ad{3
SMSGTE KM6AQE-9 07/01 23:21:00z Reply Invalid syntax. Please try again.{C9317
KM6AQE-9 SMSGTE 07/01 23:21:00z Send another #mynumber ad{2
KM6AQE-9 AG6IF-1 07/01 22:24:43z Send another hey Jim{1