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SMSGTE-SR N6KVV 02/22 21:26:17z Reply Ok{M2958
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 21:24:52z Reply Message to sarar delivered{C2957
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 21:24:50z Send another @sarar? starting back{22
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 21:14:23z Send another @sarar? found an awesome camp site & going to be later than expecte{21
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 21:13:48z Reply Message to sarar delivered{C2953
SMSGTE-SR N6KVV 02/22 21:13:47z Reply Okay{M2954
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 20:33:53z Send another @sarar found an awesom camp site{19
SMSGTE-SR N6KVV 02/22 19:04:33z Reply Take pictures!{M2932
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 19:04:20z Send another @sarar this area is pretty cool{18
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 17:15:33z Reply Got it{M2928
SMSGTE-SR N6KVV 02/22 17:15:12z Reply Hello{M2927
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 17:15:07z Reply The number mc is invalid{E2926
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 17:11:20z Reply The number mc is invalid{E2924
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 17:10:40z Send another @sarar test hello{17
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 17:10:23z Reply The number mc is invalid{E2925
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 17:09:55z Send another @mc test{15
N6KVV SMSGTE 02/22 17:08:39z Send another @mycell test 2{16
SMSGTE N6KVV 02/22 17:05:01z Reply The number mc is invalid{E2923