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W1YCZ-9 SMSGTE 03/13 22:09:36z Send another @6035483896 Hi. How are you?{08
W1YCZ-9 KB1QV--1 03/08 23:38:26z Send another Was nice chatting. My 1st qso on new rig. Thx! 73, Matt W1YCZ{07
SMSGTE W1YCZ-9 03/06 16:23:19z Reply @6035482228 Hello handsome!{M4824
W1YCZ-9 SMSGTE 03/06 16:22:27z Send another @6035482228 Hello!{06
SMSGTE W1YCZ-9 03/03 21:29:45z Reply @6037859971 73{M4352
W1YCZ-9 SMSGTE 03/03 21:29:34z Send another @6037859971 73, de W1YCZ {05
SMSGTE W1YCZ-9 03/03 21:29:33z Reply @6037859971 That's cool{M4351
2E0ISN-7 W1YCZ-9 03/03 21:29:18z Reply i also have the same but using ft3dr atm . :-){15
W1YCZ-9 SMSGTE 03/03 21:29:15z Send another @6037859971 Hi Mike! Check out SMSGATE for APRS - can send sms!{04
W1YCZ-9 2E0ISN-7 03/03 21:23:55z Send another SAME HERE - 1ST MSG IVE SENT - GOT NEW FTM400XDR YESTERDAY :){03
2E0ISN-7 W1YCZ-9 03/03 21:19:25z Reply Hi there. You're my first aprs contact to message me{14
W1YCZ-9 2E0ISN-7 03/03 21:14:15z Send another Hello from NH,USA! Just saw you pop up & thought I'd say hi! -73{02
SMSGTE W1YCZ-9 03/03 18:36:00z Reply @6036317743 I'm on my way over now.{M4302
SMSGTE W1YCZ-9 03/03 16:32:53z Reply @6036317743 Message Received. :){M4292
W1YCZ-9 SMSGTE 03/03 16:32:35z Send another @6036317743 HELLO WORLD{01