Tide at Windsor Plantation, Black River, South Carolina

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Other Nearby Tide Stations

2.9Waccamaw River Entrance, South Carolina
3.6Weymouth Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Car
3.7Georgetown, Sampit River, South Carolina
4.3Hagley Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolina
4.8Carr Creek, 1 mile above entrance, Great Pee Dee Ri
4.9South of Sam Worth Game Management Area, Great Pee
5.4Crab Haul Creek, Oyster Landing, South Carolina
5.9Arundel Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Caro
6.0Clambank Creek, Goat Island, North Inlet, South Car
6.2Frazier Point, South Carolina
6.9Ward's Dock, Pawleys Inlet, South Carolina
7.0Jacobs Wharf, Sampit River, South Carolina
7.5Bennet's Dock, Pawleys Island Creek, South Carolina
8.0Black River (south of Dunbar), South Carolina