AF0SF-10 messages

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AF0SF-10 KE0VH-2 07/12 20:51:34z Send another All day{1
AF0SF-10 KE0VH 07/12 20:51:16z Send another ALL DAY{2
AF0SF-10 KE0VH 07/12 20:49:25z Send another KK6gpg and w0ssb{1
MSTDN AF0SF-10 07/06 03:14:31z Reply :ack1
AF0SF-10 TWITR 07/06 03:14:31z Send another #45 is a clear and present danger to US NATSEC {1
AF0SF-10 KF0MCM-10 07/06 03:13:30z Send another From-5 to -10{1
AF0SF-10 NA1SS 06/25 18:23:36z Send another S2》D2》ZGG2》DE A F Ø S F{2
AF0SF-10 W0SUN-N 06/25 18:23:13z Send another Test aprs sms, please acknowledge.{1
AF0SF-10 W0SUN-S 06/25 18:23:06z Send another Test to your ft-sd{1
AF0SF-10 W0SUN-7 06/25 18:22:56z Send another Test shark aprs{1
AF0SF-10 KI0ER-9 06/25 18:22:47z Send another Txt mssge test, please respond {1
AF0SF-10 N0ECT 06/25 18:20:54z Send another Probing your radios now.{1
AF0SF-10 WA8LMF 06/25 18:19:56z Send another Testing, response requested{2