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WLNK-1 K0WET 11/09 15:53:13z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{81
K0WET K7XYG-9 10/20 20:51:39z Send another RR TKS Cody 73 Brad in Denver IC-705C0001
K0WET K7XYG-9 10/20 20:51:39z Send another RR TKS Cody 73 Brad in Denver IC-705{C0001
EA1FBW K0WET 10/20 20:50:12z Reply N:HOTG EA1FBW. Saludos desde Salamanca - Spain
N4OGL-14 K0WET 10/20 20:50:10z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY is great!
N4OGL-14 K0WET 10/20 20:48:31z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY is great! de N4OGL
W9RWB-1 K0WET 10/20 20:38:15z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday Hello to everyone
W9RWB-1 K0WET 10/20 20:36:19z Reply N:HOTG W9RWB to #APRSThursday Hello to everyone
W9RWB-1 K0WET 10/20 20:34:29z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday hello from South Bend W9RWB
M0PQA-7 K0WET 10/20 20:33:21z Reply N:HOTG This is M0PQA from London, UK. 73
KC8RWD K0WET 10/20 20:30:09z Reply N:HOTG howdy fr central PA
K3JRZ K0WET 10/20 20:23:25z Reply N:HOTG K3JRZ On The Air on YouTube!
TI3IES-9 K0WET 10/20 20:18:36z Reply N:HOTG 73 send by RF home made interface
OE8SQK-7 K0WET 10/20 20:16:31z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 DE OE8SQK
KB3KBR-11 K0WET 10/20 20:14:34z Reply N:HOTG hi from wpa! via rf ft1d
KF5OWF-7 K0WET 10/20 20:13:02z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday!
W4PSR-7 K0WET 10/20 20:12:31z Reply N:HOTG 1st check_in73 ki4mox
YO3FVR K0WET 10/20 20:12:19z Reply N:HOTG CHECK-IN FROM JS8CALL. 73!
OE8SQK-9 K0WET 10/20 20:04:59z Reply N:HOTG 73 de oe8sqk
N4EJM K0WET 10/20 20:03:52z Reply N:HOTG RF(HF-40M) FROM JS8CALL
YT9TP K0WET 10/20 20:03:32z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Uzice, Serbia, operator Pedja
KP4MSR-8 K0WET 10/20 19:59:27z Reply N:HOTG via rf
W4JFS-9 K0WET 10/20 19:57:02z Reply N:HOTG Checking in from Lakeland,Florida,USA using RF. 73 To all!
TA3HRJ-5 K0WET 10/20 19:49:14z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Have a good day!
AE4TC-7 K0WET 10/20 19:49:03z Reply N:HOTG Scott
LU5VQV-7 K0WET 10/20 19:48:41z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Berlin :)
KJ7ZRZ-9 K0WET 10/20 19:48:31z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs thursday via rf mobile
VE6RAW-9 K0WET 10/20 19:46:13z Reply N:HOTG ftm 400 from yyc canada
KC8OWL-7 K0WET 10/20 19:35:29z Reply N:HOTG any questions or ideas email kc8owl@yahoo.com
KE7VIN-10 K0WET 10/20 19:34:40z Reply N:HOTG Just checking in
K7XYG-9 K0WET 10/20 19:23:47z Reply N:HOTG find me on instagram- @k7xyg_official 73
PP1AR-5 K0WET 10/20 19:20:36z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Brazil! 73 de PP1AR GG99uo #aprsthursday
W2WAT-9 K0WET 10/20 19:19:05z Reply N:HOTG #HAPPYAPRSTIRSDAY
W1SSS-7 K0WET 10/20 19:06:47z Reply N:HOTG first check in tnx. 73s
KC3MLI-7 K0WET 10/20 19:05:13z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 KC3MLI NEPA FT3
VE3TSV-9 K0WET 10/20 19:03:44z Reply N:HOTG Greetings to all 73
NF8I-5 K0WET 10/20 18:56:28z Reply N:HOTG happy APRS Thursday!
9H5TB K0WET 10/20 18:52:16z Reply N:HOTG Test RF Regards to all
HR5HAC-7 K0WET 10/20 18:46:03z Reply N:HOTG saludos desde Honduras
TA3E-10 K0WET 10/20 18:45:42z Reply N:HOTG HI FROM TURKIYE 73 DE TA3E
N3DLU K0WET 10/20 18:40:55z Reply N:HOTG GA from Delaware
KG5DWM-2 K0WET 10/20 18:35:20z Reply N:HOTG Hello all! Hope everyone is having a great day today!
KO4KNR-10 K0WET 10/20 18:34:41z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs 73 KO4KNR
EA5HFG-10 K0WET 10/20 18:32:05z Reply N:HOTG 73 DE OP. JUAN EA5HFG-10
EA5HFG-10 K0WET 10/20 18:31:00z Reply N:HOTG CQ HOTG 73 de EA5HFG-10
W0JWT-7 K0WET 10/20 18:29:27z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday 73 w0jwt
KG5EIU K0WET 10/20 18:13:00z Reply N:HOTG Checking in from St Paul TX
K1GCR-7 K0WET 10/20 18:12:59z Reply N:HOTG hello from rhode island
KC3QOF-9 K0WET 10/20 18:09:50z Reply N:HOTG apps thursday
N4EJM-7 K0WET 10/20 18:03:42z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday 73 de n4ejm via RF
N9KO-3 K0WET 10/20 17:58:36z Reply N:HOTG hello
KM6TWI-5 K0WET 10/20 17:54:47z Reply N:HOTG hello hello iOS 73 all
KE8PYM-7 K0WET 10/20 17:53:51z Reply N:HOTG 1st time de ke8pym
MB6WS K0WET 10/20 17:53:05z Reply N:HOTG cq hotg #aprsthursday from England (M1AEC) APRSI32
EA2EYI-7 K0WET 10/20 17:52:51z Reply N:HOTG saludos desde IN82
KN6OVN K0WET 10/20 17:52:29z Reply N:HOTG hello testing pinpoint aprs happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73
VA3MXN-9 K0WET 10/20 17:49:12z Reply N:HOTG 73 from VA3MXN canada is getting cold. cheers to all FTM400
KB5LNC-8 K0WET 10/20 17:42:43z Reply N:HOTG Semper Fi to all Marines on APRSTHURSDAY!!! 73, KB5LNC
KC2WDZ-1 K0WET 10/20 17:40:37z Reply N:HOTG northwest vegas checking in
KC8OWL-7 K0WET 10/20 17:34:00z Reply N:HOTG sending aprs goodness at the speed of light 73 kc8owl
KC2IEB K0WET 10/20 17:30:52z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday from fm29lw
EA2SPS-5 K0WET 10/20 17:29:58z Reply N:HOTG Saludos desde EA
KF0BBG-7 K0WET 10/20 17:25:17z Reply N:HOTG checking in from beautiful Colorado de KF0BBG
EA3HRE-9 K0WET 10/20 17:25:15z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #aprsthursday
SP2J-7 K0WET 10/20 17:24:41z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday 73 SP2J
K7XYG-9 K0WET 10/20 17:20:09z Reply QSL 73 DE K7XYG FTM-200 MOBILE PHOENIX ARIZONA {55
KM6MCH K0WET 10/20 17:19:04z Reply N:HOTG KM6MCH checking in on my TH-D72A
KD2ZIX-5 K0WET 10/20 17:16:55z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday from central Jersey
W1CDN-2 K0WET 10/20 17:10:58z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsThursday!
OE8CKK-9 K0WET 10/20 17:10:51z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday WX here 14dC lt=7pm 73 Chris via HF FTM-400
W0WLA-9 K0WET 10/20 17:04:52z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday RFfrom Colorado 73
KM6MCH K0WET 10/20 16:58:50z Reply N:HOTG DE KM6MCH Montebello CA
HP2BWJ-10 K0WET 10/20 16:52:50z Reply N:HOTG Saludos desde Panama FJ09BH
EA3HRE-9 K0WET 10/20 16:52:36z Reply N:HOTG TEST FROM FTM4
EA3HRE K0WET 10/20 16:44:03z Reply N:HOTG Test
VA6TI-7 K0WET 10/20 16:41:03z Reply N:HOTG greetings from southern alberta
KG4RRL-7 K0WET 10/20 16:37:04z Reply N:HOTG Happy #aprsthursday! Herndon, Va, USA
G0AMO-9 K0WET 10/20 16:31:15z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO-9
K0WET KC8OWL-7 10/20 16:29:29z Send another RR and 73!C0002
K0WET KC8OWL-7 10/20 16:29:29z Send another RR and 73!{C0002
KC8OWL-7 K0WET 10/20 16:29:03z Reply thank you for your checkin today. 73 kc8owl from my ft5 ht {88
KC2OBI-14 K0WET 10/20 16:27:55z Reply rej
G0AMO K0WET 10/20 16:27:46z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO IO91FF
K0WET ANSRVR 10/20 16:27:07z Send another cq hotg #APRSTHURSDAY check-in 73 Denver, CO USAC0001
ANSRVR K0WET 10/20 16:27:02z Reply N:HOTG 139 Messages Sent
K0WET KG7KHL-9 10/20 16:27:01z Send another N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY check-in 73 Denver, CO USA
K0WET ANSRVR 10/20 16:27:00z Send another cq hotg #APRSTHURSDAY check-in 73 Denver, CO USA{C0001
WLNK-1 K0WET 10/20 16:24:55z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1640
K0WET XE2XEH-5 10/13 17:43:27z Send another RR TKS FER EMAIL CUL 73!C0001
K0WET XE2XEH-5 10/13 17:43:27z Send another RR TKS FER EMAIL CUL 73!{C0001
WLNK-1 K0WET 10/13 17:38:09z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{751
XE2XEH-5 K0WET 10/13 15:45:50z Reply QSL UR EMAIL HPE CUAGN 73 K{2
ANSRVR K0WET 10/13 13:59:02z Reply N:HOTG Already Removed
ANSRVR K0WET 10/13 13:59:02z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group
K0WET ANSRVR 10/13 13:59:02z Send another U HOTGC0002
K0WET ANSRVR 10/13 13:59:02z Send another U HOTG{C0002
W2WAT-9 K0WET 10/13 13:58:45z Reply N:HOTG W2WAT