K1CXS-7 messages

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SMSGTE K1CXS-7 11/28 18:15:50z Reply @6033097283 7{M7572
SMSGTE K1CXS-7 11/28 17:56:51z Reply @6033097283 Headed back can't stand Florida.. In Georgia headed Sou{M7571
K1CXS-7 SMSGTE 11/28 17:31:39z Send another @6033097283 Hi whats happening tom{05
K1CXS-7 SMSGTE 11/28 17:26:28z Send another @6032528047 test{04
SMSGTE K1CXS-7 11/28 14:41:10z Reply The number is invalid{E7561
SMSGTE K1CXS-7 11/28 14:39:25z Reply The number is invalid{E7560
SMSGTE K1CXS-7 11/28 14:38:35z Reply The number is invalid{E7559
K1CXS-7 SMSGTE 11/28 14:36:07z Send another @ 6032528047 tdM {03
K1CXS-7 SMSGTE 11/28 14:34:23z Send another @ 603097283 hi R' {02
K1CXS-7 KB1YHI 11/26 20:48:34z Send another Hi randy{01