K1STK-7 messages

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K1STK-7 KC1OXG 04/03 21:31:13z Send another sup{45
K1STK-7 AC1MT-7 03/31 23:19:08z Send another Test 2{BD2CC
K1STK-7 AC1MT-7 03/31 23:12:16z Send another Second test message from my phone.{B3226
K1STK-7 AC1MT 03/31 23:11:47z Send another Hey Jim!{7685D
K1STK-7 AC1MT 02/26 17:28:11z Send another jim is on the move!{44
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 23:38:36z Reply it is{38
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 23:37:22z Reply it is38
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 01:03:37z Reply it is37
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 01:03:32z Reply it is{37
K1STK-7 KC1OXG 02/23 01:03:01z Send another and what it aint{43
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 00:53:53z Reply it is36
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 00:53:52z Reply it is{36
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 00:51:41z Reply 2024-02-13 u got a problem with that?35
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/23 00:51:33z Reply 2024-02-13 u got a problem with that?{35
K1STK-7 KC1OXG 02/23 00:49:57z Send another what it is{42
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/22 20:50:57z Reply 2024-02-13 u got a problem with that?34
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/22 20:49:48z Reply 2024-02-13 u got a problem with that?{34
K1STK-7 K1STK 02/20 02:04:43z Send another rec 2{9
K1STK K1STK-7 02/20 02:03:15z Reply tm2{45
K1STK-7 K1STK 02/20 02:02:34z Send another rec 1{8
W1OR K1STK-7 02/18 22:10:41z Reply Hi Steve, Just updated DigiPi and tyring WebChat{734
W1OR K1STK-7 02/18 01:56:40z Reply Good to see you today. Hope DigiPi is going well. 73's Peter{4
W1OR K1STK-7 02/18 00:38:18z Reply Hi Steve, This is Peter W1OR Gd to see you today{2
K1STK-7 KC1OXG 02/17 21:29:22z Send another how old is this message?{41
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/17 21:27:30z Reply im feeling right in{33
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/15 21:21:12z Reply im feeling right in32
KC1OXG K1STK-7 02/15 21:21:01z Reply im feeling right in{32
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:58:29z Send another yep7
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:58:27z Send another yep{7
AC1MT-9 K1STK-7 02/14 02:32:39z Reply RR U on new Kenwood 75?{06
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:27:00z Send another got to keep the radio in the right spot!6
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:25:56z Send another got to keep the radio in the right spot!{6
AC1MT-9 K1STK-7 02/14 02:23:43z Reply that was quick{05
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:21:23z Send another got it5
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 02:20:21z Send another got it{5
AC1MT-9 K1STK-7 02/14 02:19:25z Reply 2nd msg here is much easier with touchscreen!{04
AC1MT-9 K1STK-7 02/14 01:52:32z Reply hey Steve01
AC1MT-9 K1STK-7 02/14 01:52:27z Reply hey Steve{01
K1STK-7 AC1MT-9 02/14 01:43:08z Send another hey Jim!{4
K1STK-7 KC1OXG-9 02/14 00:11:44z Send another feeling left out?3
K1STK-7 KC1OXG-9 02/14 00:11:43z Send another feeling left out?{3
KC1QKU K1STK-7 02/14 00:05:13z Reply Msg 2 or3{47
K1STK-7 KC1QKU 02/14 00:04:40z Send another received!2
K1STK-7 KC1QKU 02/14 00:04:40z Send another received!{2
KC1QKU K1STK-7 02/14 00:03:15z Reply Snow msg 3{37
KC1QKU K1STK-7 02/14 00:02:19z Reply snow msg 2{8
KC1QKU K1STK-7 02/13 21:43:18z Reply How much snow did u get?{34