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N0OQA KC1HHO-9 08/14 14:44:21z Reply rej3
KC1HHO-9 BLN4 08/14 10:50:00z Send another Great Hill Gang Radio Club K1GHG HAM meet up August 27, 7am ... call 146.520
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/13 00:22:46z Send another hello, heard you fine tonight{TS}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/13 00:03:20z Reply hi peter {23
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/12 00:20:15z Reply thank for what you all do{22
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/12 00:11:06z Send another QSL{TR}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/12 00:09:52z Reply 1 recieved{21
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/12 00:04:46z Reply it was me{20
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/11 00:19:33z Send another OK{TQ}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/11 00:18:58z Reply you can do winlink to marcia{18
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/11 00:13:21z Reply you to peter{17
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/11 00:06:10z Reply hi peter{14
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/09 00:36:44z Send another 4 FOR YOU COMING YOUR WAY VIA WINLINK{TN}
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/09 00:20:52z Send another i know{TM}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/09 00:18:21z Reply winlink use n1iqi{13
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/09 00:17:33z Send another iil be sending via winlink{TL}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/09 00:08:31z Reply ralph can hold{12
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/09 00:05:31z Reply i can here ralph clear on boston{11
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/09 00:03:06z Reply will have to go to sharon{10
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 01:03:25z Send another 73{TK}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 01:02:48z Reply 73{373
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 01:02:44z Reply Yup. Hope there is no rain!{372
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 01:01:41z Send another ok I will let you go, hopefully see you Sunday 73{TJ}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 01:00:26z Reply good deal{371
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:59:57z Send another luckily we were in the car most of the day.{TI}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:58:42z Reply right. not that hot but sticky!{370
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:58:07z Send another wasnt cool on cape but not as hot as south shore{TH}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:56:07z Reply ok. sounds good. very muggy here. getting better now.{369
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:55:27z Send another got home about 1600{TG}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:54:10z Reply Hahahaha{368
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:53:57z Send another so she cant ask me what I spend on radios{TF}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:53:45z Reply Hahahahaha{367
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:53:29z Send another lunch was $50 but I didnt ask what she spent, only to prove a point{TE}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:52:23z Reply nice. spend $$$?{366
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:51:40z Send another on RT 28{TD}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:51:33z Send another did what we had to do on cape today, had lunch in chatham, Mac's{TC}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:51:11z Reply talk soon. {365
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:50:50z Reply good luck. enjoy!{364
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:49:09z Reply I got 5 quick POTAs on 40 in 15 minutes!{363
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:48:13z Send another 20 is sounding good right now, oh well!!{TB}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:47:49z Reply out until tomorrow{362
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:47:40z Reply it's at the back end of a bedroom {361
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:47:21z Reply Nope. The shack is being used. {360
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:46:55z Send another you on HF now?{TA}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:46:23z Reply ok. I will try to check in to MARIPN on Saturday too{359
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:45:29z Send another will send you sometime tomorrow night. when it gets to you....???{SZ}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:44:05z Reply did Ralph bring traffic for Loren?{358
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:43:18z Reply Saturday 19:30 local{357
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:42:58z Send another when is the next time that net meets?{SY}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:42:25z Reply sent 2{356
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:42:10z Reply got three{355
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:42:03z Reply Passed Traffic on CITN{354
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:41:47z Send another fine businesss.{SX}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:40:56z Reply got into FRN. not great reception. got better tonight{353
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:40:12z Reply yup{352
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 08/05 00:27:20z Send another have set up your radios and antenna yet?{SW}
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/05 00:07:16z Send another ok{SV}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/05 00:06:48z Reply i can go to sharon{09
KC1HHO-9 BLN4 08/04 13:16:09z Send another GREAT HILL Gang - K1GHG HAM meet up August TBD ... call 146.520
KC1HHO-9 BLN4 08/03 22:13:59z Send another GREAT HILL Gang HAM meet up August TBD ... call 146.520
KC1HHO-9 AF1SL-9 08/03 13:33:07z Send another hello from Quincy{SS}
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 08/03 00:08:45z Send another Any POTA activations in near future??{SU}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/03 00:07:37z Reply great{03
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/03 00:04:25z Send another you sound great tonight!!{ST}
KC1HHO-9 BLN3 08/02 19:35:23z Send another EASTERN MA 2M Traffic Net Daily 2000 hrs W1BOS Rpt 145.230 pl 88.5 / send NTS Radiogram to KC1HHO
KC1HHO-9 BLN4 08/02 06:35:29z Send another GREAT HILL Gang-K1GHG- HAM meet up..July 30. call 146.520
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/02 00:48:35z Send another 73 Loren!!!{SR}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/02 00:15:45z Reply thank you peter{01
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/02 00:10:35z Send another kvy will be calling you confirm info on aprs{SQ}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/02 00:08:03z Reply sharon is clear{99
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 08/02 00:07:45z Send another ok{SP}
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/02 00:04:36z Reply hi peter it is me{98
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 08/01 00:53:06z Reply yhank every one for what they do loren{97
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:50:06z Send another maybe catch you pota activating some day 73{SO}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:49:02z Reply I will thanks for the msg 73{02
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:47:21z Send another like all things ham radio its easy if you use it. keep in touch 73{SN}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:38:16z Reply 10-4 i was looking on there lots to learn01
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:37:11z Reply 10-4 i was looking on there lots to learn{01
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:34:02z Send another i saw your messagge on the google aprs page check out google aprs{SM}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:06:17z Reply yes curious, how did u find me?04
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:06:16z Reply yes curious, how did u find me?{04
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:05:20z Send another his info is great{SL}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:02:44z Reply i've been watching KB9VBR videos very helpful03
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 20:02:43z Reply i've been watching KB9VBR videos very helpful{03
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:01:30z Send another looks like you have a lot of igates and digipeaters in your area{SK}
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 20:00:56z Send another most of aprs is on the internet, that is the easy part.{SJ}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 19:58:44z Reply thank you! the manuals are a bit overwhelming02
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 19:58:43z Reply thank you! the manuals are a bit overwhelming{02
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 19:56:55z Send another glad to help you test, its working !!!{SI}
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 19:56:01z Reply hello just got this radio learning APRS!01
K2ERK-9 KC1HHO-9 07/30 19:56:00z Reply hello just got this radio learning APRS!{01
KC1HHO-9 K2ERK-9 07/30 19:53:43z Send another hello from Massachusetts 73{SH}
KC1HHO-9 N4EJM-5 07/29 00:56:58z Send another FTM400 works good too but I have to send it back for repair{SG}
KC1HHO-9 N4EJM-5 07/29 00:56:20z Send another i use a FT2D w/mag mount in car, -7 station.{SF}
N4EJM-5 KC1HHO-9 07/29 00:53:26z Reply Yeah I need to get a 2m radio for APRS in here.{F421C
KC1HHO-9 N4EJM-5 07/29 00:51:55z Send another it's great, not RF but it could be if warranted. always on is nice.{SE}
N4EJM-5 KC1HHO-9 07/29 00:48:18z Reply How do you like the Windows APRS program? I have that too.{0EC5B
N4EJM-5 KC1HHO-9 07/29 00:47:14z Reply Indeed{376A5