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KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/04 02:09:27z Send another you're like an alligator, all mouth, no ears . lol{BS}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/04 01:25:10z Reply oh well. it works. {596
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/04 01:24:59z Reply I've been switching antennas to hear better. {595
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/04 01:24:31z Reply thanks! the receive is not great. {594
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/04 01:02:45z Send another great signal{BR}
KC1HHO-9 KB1EKN-7 12/03 16:12:35z Send another hello Mark{BQ}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/03 01:44:00z Reply !lucky. all before 7pm{593
KC1HHO-9 K9EAJ-7 12/03 01:26:11z Send another Hello from Quincy MA{BP}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/03 01:24:42z Send another thaat's some production{BO}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/03 01:23:42z Reply Got 16 POTAs today and 1 YOTA station. {592
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/03 01:06:58z Reply thanks!{591
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 12/03 01:05:48z Send another broken copy but he got you!!{BN}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/03 01:04:01z Send another sound good{BM}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/03 00:56:45z Send another ok{BL}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/03 00:52:32z Reply I have Thru 1 and one for you.{590
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/03 00:51:46z Reply I hope so! we'll see.{589
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 12/03 00:18:40z Send another You think you're going to make it tonight?{BK}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/02 00:51:22z Reply Going to give it a try in about 9 minutes. {588
KC1HHO-9 BLN3 12/01 23:59:40z Send another EASTERN MA 2M Traffic Net Daily 2
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 12/01 01:01:22z Reply You have power yet?{587
KC1HHO-9 N4EJM-5 11/30 00:25:02z Send another have you been playing radio while camping?{BJ}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/29 01:25:09z Send another yup{BI}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:24:54z Reply Thanks!{586
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:20:49z Reply Thanks for everyone's flexibility! {585
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:20:30z Reply THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO{70
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/29 01:18:13z Send another all set. he cant make it to alternate wz0c took{BH}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:12:55z Reply I can take thru from WZ0C if he wants to sent it here.{584
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:12:15z Reply I can hear them fine. {583
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:07:34z Reply 2 sent to N1IQI via WinLink{582
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 01:02:17z Reply The first one wasn't me{581
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 00:56:06z Reply if he doesn't get it I have thru 2 in a book {580
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 00:55:21z Reply I'll check in via APRS to WZ0C. {579
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 00:54:43z Reply I truly doubt it. {578
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/29 00:54:22z Reply I reprogrammed the radios. we'll see if that helps{577
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:20:38z Reply Thanks for hanging in there. I will work on this next week. {576
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:11:16z Reply Thanks to everyone for all that they do!{575
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:10:40z Reply 2 sent{574
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/28 01:05:15z Send another ok{BG}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:05:03z Reply QSY{573
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:03:05z Reply checking in{67
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:02:14z Reply In a book{572
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/28 01:02:02z Send another ok{BF}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:02:02z Reply Checking in with Thru 2{571
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 01:01:44z Reply That was me{570
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/28 00:54:04z Send another qsl{BE}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 00:51:33z Reply I have Thru 2 in a book. {569
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 00:51:14z Reply then check in here. {568
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/28 00:50:52z Reply Like always I try to check in on the air{567
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:16:56z Reply I can hear everyone well here. {566
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:14:35z Reply Thanks for everyone's Flexibility!{565
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:12:51z Reply Ther3 was a double {564
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:12:21z Reply Al W1PLK tried to check in{563
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:10:59z Reply 2 Passed {562
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:05:31z Reply QSY to Sharon{561
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:01:57z Reply That was me .{560
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 01:01:16z Reply thanks!{559
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/27 01:00:19z Send another ok{BD}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 00:47:08z Reply I have thru 2 in a book.{558
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/27 00:46:50z Reply Sorry to be a pest! I'll try to check in on air the check in here{557
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/26 01:01:04z Send another does anyone take traffic to del there?{BC}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/26 01:00:38z Send another south Attlrboro would be better for MARIPN{BB}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/26 00:55:09z Reply a book of 2 that includes Revere 1 and South Attleboro 1{556
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/26 00:54:14z Reply I have Thru 2 . Then a v{555
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/26 00:53:49z Reply then I'll check with WZ0C here {554
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/26 00:53:19z Reply I'll try to check in the regular way {553
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 11/24 01:32:01z Reply ww.wa1npo.org{60
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 01:05:31z Reply thanks!{552
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/24 01:02:35z Send another didnt make it but i think he ha\knows its you{DL}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 01:02:26z Reply That was me first. {551
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:50:10z Reply Thanks!{550
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/24 00:43:54z Send another ok{DK}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:41:22z Reply and KC1HHO 1{549
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:41:09z Reply I have through 2 in a book{548
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:40:45z Reply I'll try to check in {547
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:40:24z Reply Ok. {546
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/24 00:40:10z Send another right, he didnt mention that tonight would be a problem{DJ}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:39:29z Reply Nope. you were NCS last wednesday{545
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/24 00:38:09z Send another I dont recall Being told there woulf be a problem.{DI}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/24 00:33:25z Reply Are you NCS tonight?{544
KC1HHO-9 N4UED 11/22 01:32:57z Send another check out findu.com{DH}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:29:04z Send another i see{DG}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 01:28:50z Reply WZ0C is on APRS . {543
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:20:41z Send another ok{DE}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 01:08:28z Reply Comments: thanks for everyone's flexibility on the net!{542
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 11/22 01:07:46z Send another ok{DD}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 01:07:44z Reply 2 Passed via WinLink to N1IQI.{541
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 11/22 01:07:34z Reply hi peter two passed{57
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:06:59z Send another disregard{DC}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:06:42z Send another km1ndy{DB}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:04:50z Send another iqi checked in{DA}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:02:48z Send another ok{CZ}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 01:02:12z Reply That was me. {540
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 11/22 01:01:22z Send another if IQI checks in meet him at alternate and winlink, ok{CY}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 00:54:05z Reply if unsuccessful I'll check in here with Thru 2 in a book{539
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/22 00:53:28z Reply Like last night I'll try to check in on air{538
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/21 01:32:47z Reply thanks{537
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/21 01:27:29z Reply ok ?{536
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/21 01:22:57z Reply for a total of 3 thru?{535
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/21 01:22:34z Reply Question:. Can I send 1 more thru to Loren?{534
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 11/21 01:10:07z Reply Did you pass the KC1SAI?{533