KC1KVY-5 messages

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KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/28 01:46:33z Send another Just sent them to you! Thanks!!{340
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/28 01:31:05z Send another Thanks Loren! {339
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/26 01:34:32z Send another The traffic is on the way. Thanks!{338
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/23 01:21:30z Send another just sent the traffic. Thanks!!{337
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/22 01:12:09z Send another thanks!{336
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/22 01:04:46z Send another was that you?{335
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/17 01:23:41z Send another thanks!{334
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/17 01:04:31z Send another I have traffic for you. returns {333
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/16 01:35:12z Send another They are on the way. Thanks!{332
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/16 01:05:45z Send another thanks!{331
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/15 01:22:01z Send another Just sent them. Thanks!{330
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/15 01:10:06z Send another Thanks! I'll sent it along via WinLink asap.{329
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/15 01:04:41z Send another I have thru. can you take it?{328
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/11 01:13:07z Send another Thanks!!{327
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/11 01:05:39z Send another Can you take my through traffic?{326
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:38:43z Send another Thanks Loren. Glad it worked out!{325
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:32:14z Send another got it!{324
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 01/06 01:30:53z Reply thanks for all you do{29
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 01/06 01:23:51z Reply one passed{28
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:18:50z Send another Thanks!{323
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:18:14z Send another right after this message{322
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:17:48z Send another Will do. {321
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 01/06 01:15:06z Reply yes{27
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:10:57z Send another Should I sendRalph to Sharon to meet you{320
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/06 01:10:32z Send another We have traffic for you? {319
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/05 01:05:03z Send another was that you?{318
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/04 01:08:16z Send another Did you try to check in? {317
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/03 01:04:13z Send another was that you?{316
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/01 01:17:47z Send another Just sent it to you Thanks!!{315
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 01/01 01:09:26z Reply ok thanks bob{18
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/01 01:08:56z Send another I'll send it via WinLink as well.{314
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 01/01 01:04:59z Reply thanks{17
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 01/01 01:04:10z Send another good signal tonight!{313
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:41:44z Send another send messages via WinLink now!{311
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:40:18z Send another thanks!!{312
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:29:42z Send another can you take through traffic?{309
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/31 01:26:03z Reply RECIEVESD{16
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:25:17z Send another I will send those WinLink in a minute.{310
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:21:35z Send another got it!{308
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/31 01:20:54z Send another ok{307
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/31 01:20:23z Reply YES{15
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/31 01:06:31z Reply checking in v APRS{14
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/30 01:15:57z Send another Got it. Thanks!{306
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/30 01:15:41z Reply thanks for allyou do for NTS{11
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/30 01:14:40z Send another Words for comments?{305
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/30 01:08:24z Reply checking in{10
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/30 01:08:07z Send another Was that you?{303
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/30 01:07:08z Send another Got it. Thanks!{304
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:25:02z Send another yikes!{27
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:14:03z Reply A neighbor must have a new gadget for Christmas...{990CB
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:13:37z Send another ok. I'll pass that along. sorry to hear!{26
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:13:04z Reply I can't hear on multiple radios, going to miss this one.{44AE8
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:08:46z Send another good luck!{25
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:08:21z Reply Thank you{97C4A
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:08:21z Send another Check in when you can{24
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:08:07z Send another Peter is going to run the net on Boston {23
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:07:00z Send another ok{22
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:06:35z Reply I have nothing but static. Trying to troubleshoot.{2E88C
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:06:16z Send another Ok. I heard you and peter on Boston{21
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:05:55z Reply On either repeater.{BA02D
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:05:40z Reply My station can't hear anything.{F354C
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:04:49z Send another Yes. {20
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/29 01:04:41z Reply Can you hear me? I hear nothing.{E8539
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/29 01:04:19z Send another Peter and I checked in with traffic{19
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/28 01:32:03z Send another got it{302
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/28 01:31:25z Reply thanks for what you do{05
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/28 01:09:17z Send another Words for the net?{301
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/28 01:09:05z Send another Got it. Thanks!{300
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/28 01:07:17z Reply it was me{04
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/27 01:27:41z Send another Was that you?{299
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/25 01:21:03z Send another thanks! I'll get that traffic to you asap {298
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/25 01:08:46z Send another Good signal!{297
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/24 01:28:52z Send another Ok{295
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/24 01:27:30z Send another sent{296
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/24 01:20:24z Reply thanks bob thanks for all that you do{01
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/24 01:07:22z Send another Got it. checked in{294
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/24 01:06:25z Reply chsecking in v aprs{00
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/24 01:03:42z Reply checking in v aprs{99
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/23 01:12:31z Reply Thanks for all that you do for NTS{98
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/23 01:05:17z Reply checking in v aprs{97
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/19 01:30:44z Send another good signal tonight!{293
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/18 01:30:02z Send another Just sent the traffic. Thanks!!{292
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-5 12/17 02:59:38z Send another _5 here.{1
WZ0C-5 KC1KVY-5 12/17 02:56:32z Reply Are you -5 or -6 today?{EP}
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/17 01:32:22z Send another just sent the message. Thanks!{291
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/17 01:05:36z Reply thanks{96
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/17 01:04:33z Send another I could hear you tonight!{290
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/16 01:56:00z Send another thank you!{289
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/16 01:19:26z Reply thanks for all you do{95
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/15 01:53:30z Send another we could hear you. {288
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/15 01:15:53z Reply checking in{94
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/15 01:12:26z Send another sound good!{287
KC1NBI-5 KC1KVY-5 12/15 01:12:17z Reply Thx{263C0
KC1KVY-5 KC1NBI-5 12/15 01:08:35z Send another KB1/US5WA. {18
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/14 01:32:42z Send another Thanks!{286
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/14 01:20:37z Reply thanks fo all that you do{91
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/14 01:07:55z Send another Any comments for the net?{285
KC1KVY-5 N1IQI 12/14 01:04:31z Send another ok{284
N1IQI KC1KVY-5 12/14 01:04:13z Reply checking in{90
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/11 01:53:34z Send another it popped up when I put his callsign on my email addresses.{40