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WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 04/13 11:33:19z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{1288
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 04/11 23:23:16z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{1161
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 04/11 13:01:04z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{JO}
KC2OBI-14 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:58:43z Reply N:HOTG 73 KC2OBI RF Mobile
NA5X-9 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:56:13z Reply N:HOTG happy APRS Thursday
KN4WRX-9 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:43:52z Reply N:HOTG HELLO FTM-500DR
K9CTO-7 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:39:29z Reply N:HOTG Cool day in Iowa!
KF0AER-7 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:37:47z Reply N:HOTG greetings fmCO
HJ6AZV-5 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:30:58z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY HJ6AZV, 73 From Colombia-APRS-IS
KC7ZXY-10 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:28:10z Reply N:HOTG de Grand Rapids, Michigan USA EN73 #APRSTHURSDAY
NC4M-9 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:21:42z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from New Smyrna Beach, FL
DL7PJ KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:19:04z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Bitburger Brewery Vy73 de Peter
KF5WJC-9 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:17:07z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday checkin de KF5WJC
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:15:48z Reply N:HOTG 106 Messages Sent{HN}
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:15:22z Reply Duplicate (retry?) request suppressed
KC1OCY-9 ANSRVR 04/11 12:15:22z Send another cq hotg Hello packet people 73 from Boston FN42
9W2LGX-1 KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:14:49z Reply AA: AA: ack
APRSPH KC1OCY-9 04/11 12:14:48z Reply Logged:0411 1214Z https://aprsph.net/aprsthursday -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
KC1OCY-9 LY7AP-7 04/11 12:14:48z Send another N:HOTG Hello packet people 73 from Boston FN42
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 04/10 12:35:24z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{987
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 04/09 12:20:37z Reply You have 4 Winlink mail messages pending{894
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/29 00:27:47z Reply You have 4 Winlink mail messages pending{1186
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:05:13z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{WY}
NA5X-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:03:03z Reply N:HOTG good day from Waco tx
KD5NJR-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:02:27z Reply N:HOTG HI DE OK
HP1CDW-2 KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:01:25z Reply N:HOTG APRS NETWORK II PANAMA 144.930 MHZ 100% RF NETWORK
NC6J-7 KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:00:47z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs thursday from Sacramento
WC3T-12 KC1OCY-9 03/28 13:00:40z Reply N:HOTG on #APRSthursday 73 fm WC3T via APRS.fi
KO7CAV-7 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:55:46z Reply N:HOTG Greatings from Henderson Nv. 73 all. KO7CAV
K7XYG-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:53:44z Reply N:HOTG K7XYG/mobile 73 de ARIZONA Yaesu FTM-200
SA6OPT-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:51:11z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY
KJ7ULH-7 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:47:13z Reply N:HOTG Happy aprs day!!
KJ5IK-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:46:20z Reply N:HOTG Howdy! In Pecos, TX this week.
KK7MGK-10 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:44:13z Reply N:HOTG 73 & happy Maundy Thursday from AZ!
KC3DRU KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:39:40z Reply N:HOTG IN THE MORNING
K9CTO-1 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:37:30z Reply N:HOTG Ankeny,IA
K4ABX-7 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:35:05z Reply N:HOTG Florida Man checking into the packet party. #APRSThursday
KB3KBR-2 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:34:20z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs thursday!!
CT7AQH-7 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:34:06z Reply N:HOTG Hello friends. Miguel checking in from Portugal. 73
9W2ASZ-10 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:24:34z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY, DE 9W2ASZ, WEST MALAYSIA. 73.
VU3ZAG-13 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:24:23z Reply N:HOTG Namaste from Bharat via RPpicoWX Station 73 VU3ZAG 54
N2EDX-2 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:21:48z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Daytona Beach FL
W8RID KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:16:13z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Bob W8RID Twinsburg Ohio
KF5WJC-9 KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:15:54z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday checkin from Dallas de KF5WJC
KC1OCY-9 ANSRVR 03/28 12:15:09z Send another cq hotg Gmorning APRS lovers from Boston FN42
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:14:40z Reply N:HOTG 124 Messages Sent{UU}
APRSPH KC1OCY-9 03/28 12:14:40z Reply Logged:0328 1214Z https://aprsph.net/aprsthursday -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
KC1OCY-9 K9NBG 03/28 12:14:39z Send another N:HOTG Gmorning APRS lovers from Boston FN42
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/27 22:00:50z Reply You have 4 Winlink mail messages pending{1051
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/26 21:56:57z Reply You have 4 Winlink mail messages pending{896
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/21 22:19:54z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{265
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:53:07z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{WW}
WA4BAN-1 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:52:44z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY WA4BAN
9M2IBR-7 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:47:13z Reply N:HOTG hi, im from Malaysia. Wirh all of you have a g8 weekn.73
9M2IBR-7 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:47:05z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSTHURSDAY
AD0AA-9 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:42:10z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday 73 AD0AA
VE6RAW-4 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:39:18z Reply N:HOTG hello from Calgary, Canada
K7XYG-9 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:36:28z Reply N:HOTG Good morning from Arizona FTM200 mobile Go kick some a$$!
HK6IOP-5 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:34:15z Reply N:HOTG saludos desde Neiva Colombia
W0CBP-8 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:25:05z Reply N:HOTG hello from sd!
IZ1UQG-2 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:24:54z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY from VCO RADIO TEAM
PU2MUS-1 KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:23:45z Reply AA:tks msg, 73 de Marco - Santos/SP/BRASIL
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/21 12:23:44z Reply N:HOTG 99 Messages Sent{VP}
KC1OCY-9 WD0LFN-9 03/21 12:23:44z Send another N:HOTG Gmorning from Boston FN42!
KC1OCY-9 ANSRVR 03/21 12:23:43z Send another cq hotg Gmorning from Boston FN42!
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/20 21:50:48z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{124
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/20 12:30:00z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{110
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/19 12:13:39z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1245
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/17 17:15:27z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1025
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/16 13:34:15z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{877
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/14 13:07:46z Reply N:HOTG Already Removed{HZ}
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:53:49z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{HS}
NA5X-9 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:53:23z Reply N:HOTG aprs thursday check
KK7MGK-10 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:53:06z Reply N:HOTG Happy Pi Day from AZ!
KC3PXC-9 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:50:48z Reply N:HOTG Good day to all my fellow hams 73
KB8JIU KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:50:40z Reply N:HOTG hHappy PI Day and #APRSTHURSDAY - 73 Marty
XE2G-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:48:31z Reply N:HOTG GM OM via 144.390 mhz
KV4S KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:47:04z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from Chelsea, AL http://KV4S.radio
TA2VYL-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:46:56z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday 73 de TA2VYL
KF5THB-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:44:11z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Sheppard AFB Texas EM03RX
W3PTH-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:35:55z Reply N:HOTG I like pi(e)
KB5LNC-15 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:35:53z Reply N:HOTG HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY is up and running. Hello to everyone!
KC9NJZ-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:33:56z Reply N:HOTG EN52 IL
KO7CAV-7 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:30:21z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRS Thursday from Henderson Nv. 73 all KO7CAV
KW2E-5 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:29:32z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Boise!
HP1CDW-2 KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:28:33z Reply rejĘ
APRSPH KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:28:26z Reply Logged:0314 1228Z https://aprsph.net/aprsthursday -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/14 12:28:26z Reply N:HOTG 109 Messages Sent{GL}
KC1OCY-9 APRSID 03/14 12:28:24z Send another N:HOTG Happy Pi Day from Boston FN42
KC1OCY-9 ANSRVR 03/14 12:26:03z Send another cq hotg Happy Pi Day from Boston FN42
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/12 21:54:50z Reply You have 3 Winlink mail messages pending{333
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/11 21:48:04z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{195
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/10 16:52:18z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{28
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/10 01:54:37z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{5528
WLNK-1 KC1OCY-9 03/08 20:39:28z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{5401
ANSRVR KC1OCY-9 03/07 14:20:04z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{FP}
KC1OCY-9 ANSRVR 03/07 14:20:04z Send another u hotg
KD9QWD-7 KC1OCY-9 03/07 14:19:52z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthurs Indiana 73 KD9QWD
EA2EYI-9 KC1OCY-9 03/07 14:19:43z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRSthursday from IN82 EA2EYI