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KC1OHT-2 BLN 01/04 16:31:06z Send another Don't Forget Month Long VHF/UHF Event "Winterheat" hamactive.com1
KC1OHT-2 BLN 01/04 16:30:58z Send another Don't Forget Month Long VHF/UHF Event "Winterheat" hamactive.com{1
KC1OHT-5 KC1OHT-2 12/17 22:52:09z Reply N:HRW anyone want to chat via aprs?
KC1OHT-5 KC1OHT-2 12/17 22:50:28z Reply N:HRCC anyone want to chat via aprs?
KC1OHT-2 BLN 12/14 16:43:34z Send another Don't forget to check-in to Winlink Wednesday net today! Ask Me How{1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/14 16:39:53z Send another CQ HRW Anyone wanna chat via APRS?{1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/14 16:39:23z Send another CQ HRCC Anyone wanna chat via APRS?{1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/14 16:38:15z Send another CQ HOTG Don't forget to check-in to WINLINK WEDNESDAY net today!{1
K7YVQ-7 KC1OHT-2 12/09 06:22:20z Reply N:HOTG HELLO EVERYBODY!
KM7CRD-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 03:36:27z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from NE WA.
KF1D-3 KC1OHT-2 12/09 02:37:08z Reply N:HOTG Hello and yes, APRSDroid with Mobilinkd TNC
N8MOR KC1OHT-2 12/09 01:52:53z Reply N:HOTG happy thursday! 73 de N8MOR
NC6J-7 KC1OHT-2 12/09 01:30:35z Reply N:HOTG jeff in sacranento checking in
N0ALE-7 KC1OHT-2 12/09 01:07:29z Reply N:HOTG Greetings all!
K4CIH-7 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:46:51z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 K4CIH
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:42:10z Reply N:HOTG net logs will be posted Friday. 73 all kc8owl.
N8JLK-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:36:19z Reply N:HOTG Greetings by 6m (50.620) APRS de N8JLK !
K7XYG-9 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:34:04z Reply N:HOTG FTM400 in the Jeep now Sun fading in the desert 73 to all
K3JRZ-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:31:48z Reply N:HOTG Is this thing working? No messages for almost 12 hrs.
KM6CQ-9 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:30:08z Reply N:HOTG DE DAN WASHOE VALLEY,NV FTM400
9M2JDX-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:20:19z Reply N:HOTG happy weekend 73
N8JLK-8 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:17:12z Reply N:HOTG Greetings by DMR RF
WA4KWK KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:15:38z Reply N:HOTG wa4kwk thursday chk in
N8JLK-5 KC1OHT-2 12/09 00:15:34z Reply N:HOTG 73 de N8JLK
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:58:03z Send another Thank you for the well wishes K7XYG and KD2UTC I will le you know!1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:58:01z Send another Thank you for the well wishes K7XYG and KD2UTC I will le you know!{1
K7XYG-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:56:33z Reply N:HOTG test via iOS no need to reply checking my other radio
K7XYG-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:47:47z Reply Good luck! You got this I just passed mine 11/23 {67
KC2WDZ-1 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:44:41z Reply N:HOTG from las vegas using android app sometimes
KN6UWF-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:41:58z Reply N:HOTG 73 kn6uwf
WH6EAO-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:40:33z Reply N:HOTG use iOS APRS app aloha & 73
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:36:16z Reply Good luck! Let me know!{75E00
W9AUV-8 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:34:25z Reply N:HOTG FROM BATAVIA IL USA
N5TEV-1 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:32:09z Reply Good luck!{1
KD2UTC-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:31:34z Reply :Good luck tomorrow!{04
K7XYG-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:25:07z Reply GOOD LUCK!! I just did mine 11/23 and passed. You got this 73{788E7
ANSRVR KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:24:27z Reply N:HOTG 93 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-2 CT7AQH-1 12/08 23:24:27z Send another N:HOTG Exciting news for me tomorrow I am testing to upgrade to AE
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:23:18z Send another CQ HOTG Exciting news for me tomorrow I am testing to upgrade to AE1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:23:16z Send another CQ HOTG Exciting news for me tomorrow I am testing to upgrade to AE{1
AF7NU KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:22:03z Reply N:HOTG hi from Corvallis, OR de AF7NU
KO4CWF-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:21:24z Reply N:HOTG #HappyAPRSThursday 73 de South Carolina
HK6L-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:20:19z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY 73 HK6L
APRSPH KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:19:33z Reply Tnx for checkin. Ur msg is also logged at https://aprsph.net
ANSRVR KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:19:27z Reply N:HOTG 92 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-2 9W2GDB 12/08 23:19:26z Send another N:HOTG Just checking in for #APRSTHURSDAY Lynn, Essex, MA, USA 73
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:18:16z Send another CQ HOTG Just checking in for #APRSTHURSDAY Lynn, Essex, MA, USA 731
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/08 23:18:14z Send another CQ HOTG Just checking in for #APRSTHURSDAY Lynn, Essex, MA, USA 73{1
WLNK-1 KC1OHT-2 12/08 23:17:01z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1601
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 10:08:24z Reply Happy #aprsthursday from kc8owl Las Vegas, NV USA{FA1A5
KD0NRC-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:53:11z Reply N:HOTG 73 de @4x0nn from Lenexa KS
9V1LD-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:40:56z Reply N:HOTG checking in. 73 to all
VA7SHG-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:40:03z Reply N:HOTG Happy aprsthursday (on Wed here) de Chilliwack BC CN99
W5EZY-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:27:57z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday all! Dan W5EZY via iOS.
9W2FYM-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:27:51z Reply N:HOTG check in for #aprsthursday net using ARPSdroid de 9W2FYM
ZL2RCL-10 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:23:25z Reply N:HOTG checking in using APRSdroid
PP1AR-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:18:13z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Brazil! 73!
KL5HZ-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:11:31z Reply N:HOTG 73 from KL5HZ via APRS Droid in Anchorage Alaska
W0WLA-9 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:08:01z Reply N:HOTG I have used APRSdroid it doesnt always work to map on tablt
KO4WCR-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 02:05:57z Reply N:HOTG hello from virginia beach!
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 01:48:52z Reply N:HOTG sending aprs goodness at 1,200 BPS kc8owl
K7XYG-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 01:47:51z Reply N:HOTG this is K7XYG Phoenix-slingin packets/packin ratchets 73...
W5JAK-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 01:37:14z Reply N:HOTG from Colorado USA Sometimes Android
KD5PCK-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 01:10:37z Reply N:HOTG using aprsdroid
KD5PCK-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 01:02:07z Reply N:HOTG happy Thursday from the Bayou State! 73
9W2KKS KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:58:14z Reply N:HOTG 9W2KKS
K4IRV-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:51:57z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday 73 from K4IRV
TG5ALY-14 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:41:35z Reply N:HOTG Check-in #APRSTHURSDAY
N9KO-1 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:28:54z Reply N:HOTG de Elk Grove Village IL. Check out winlinkwednesday.net
WM6H-4 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:12:53z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY using iOS APRS app
GRYLCP-12 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:12:07z Reply N:HOTG AB1PH Don Walpole MA via RF
KE2ACS-10 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:10:05z Reply N:HOTG hello world! Mabuhay!
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:09:12z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday from kc8owl in Las Vegas, nv USA
W2WAT-7 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:06:48z Reply N:HOTG W2WAT sea level NNJ
K0STK-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:03:52z Reply N:HOTG Send an APRS message today!
9W2JDY-5 KC1OHT-2 12/08 00:03:01z Reply N:HOTG OJ13rx GM
K7XYG-7 KC1OHT-2 12/07 23:46:54z Reply N:HOTG APRSTHURSDAY 73 de K7XYG Phoenix AZ Yaesu FT3D RF
G0AMO-7 KC1OHT-2 12/07 22:49:57z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO test
DY8CMM-5 KC1OHT-2 12/07 22:45:19z Reply N:HOTG happy aprs to all fellow ham 73 and mabuhay
G0AMO-7 KC1OHT-2 12/07 22:34:59z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO Mike
G0AMO KC1OHT-2 12/07 20:09:36z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO
G0AMO KC1OHT-2 12/07 20:04:07z Reply N:HOTG G0AMO #APRSTHURSDAY Mike in Andover UK
KC1OHT-2 BLN 12/07 17:13:13z Send another Don't forget to check in to the Winlink Wednesday net! Ask me how!{1
WLNK-1 KC1OHT-2 12/07 17:10:23z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1429
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/07 16:15:29z Reply Will do!{7D390
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/07 15:53:19z Reply I need to remember to do this!{D7919
KC1OHT-2 KC8OWL-5 12/07 15:29:19z Send another Feel free to send me an email if you need any help kc1oht@gmail.com{1
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/07 15:27:20z Send another CQ HOTG Don't forget to check in to the WINLINK WEDNESDAY Net today1
KC1OHT-2 KJ4ERJ 12/07 15:27:14z Send another N:HOTG Don't forget to check in to the WINLINK WEDNESDAY Net today
KC1OHT-2 ANSRVR 12/07 15:27:14z Send another CQ HOTG Don't forget to check in to the WINLINK WEDNESDAY Net today{1
ANSRVR KC1OHT-2 12/07 04:30:33z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group
CT7AQH-1 KC1OHT-2 12/06 22:00:11z Reply N:HOTG Hello dr OMs.Some one fer a QSO?
K8JTT-7 KC1OHT-2 12/06 20:46:54z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Brownstown,MI _ 73 de K8JTT
CT7AQH-1 KC1OHT-2 12/06 20:00:32z Reply I hope you are ok.This aprs thing is really cool.I love it. 73{1
CT7AQH-1 KC1OHT-2 12/06 19:59:43z Reply Hello Shannon.At the time of ur msg it was 15h57.Nice to see you. {1
K7XYG-9 KC1OHT-2 12/06 18:24:22z Reply N:HOTG test success tx RF via FTM200 now RX ack via iPhone again73
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/06 18:08:19z Reply I am cheating today - using my iPhone!{93E4A
KC8OWL-5 KC1OHT-2 12/06 17:38:31z Reply I am cheating today - using my iPhone!{10673
ANSRVR KC1OHT-2 12/06 16:30:32z Reply N:HOTG 8 Messages Sent