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WM6H-4 KC1OHT-5 01/06 12:15:18z Reply N:HRR test from Cedar Rapids, Ia iOS mobile app
KD8OFT KC1OHT-5 01/01 19:34:31z Reply N:HRR Just set up PinPoint on a new machine and want to test it 73
K0STK-5 KC1OHT-5 12/29 20:46:40z Reply N:ARREDDIT Happy New Year from EN34!
KO4QYZ-5 KC1OHT-5 12/21 22:42:29z Reply N:HRR just checking in.
KD0KKV-5 KC1OHT-5 12/21 20:03:25z Reply N:ARREDDIT hello from KC
IU1QPR KC1OHT-5 12/20 00:52:39z Reply N:HRR hello from Italy!
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/20 00:29:20z Reply Like a tagine?{YP}
HI8MSB-5 KC1OHT-5 12/20 00:12:29z Reply N:ARREDDIT Hello World!
KI7LTT-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 23:33:00z Reply Never heard of it, but I just looked it up and it sounds good{1
KC1OHT-5 SA0TAY-10 12/19 23:07:12z Send another N:ARREDDIT anyone else has heard of that before, it's Portuguese
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 23:07:12z Send another CQ ARReddit anyone else has heard of that before, it's Portuguese {28
ANSRVR KC1OHT-5 12/19 23:06:52z Reply N:ARREDDIT 5 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-5 SA0TAY-10 12/19 23:06:52z Send another N:ARREDDIT I just made chicken Mozambique for dinner, not sure if
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 23:06:52z Send another CQ ARReddit I just made chicken Mozambique for dinner, not sure if {27
HI8MSB-5 KC1OHT-5 12/19 22:25:32z Reply N:HRR Hello World!
KC1OHT-5 W4MWM-9 12/19 21:41:09z Send another N:HRR a Winlink Wednesday Net
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 21:41:09z Send another CQ HRR a Winlink Wednesday Net{26
KC1OHT-5 VE3CNU-10 12/19 21:40:55z Send another N:HRR If anyone here uses Winlink there is also
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 21:40:54z Send another CQ HRR If anyone here uses Winlink there is also{25
CT7AQH-7 KC1OHT-5 12/19 20:53:05z Reply N:HOTG HELLO DE CT7AQH-7. 73
KC1OHT-5 KB3HWM 12/19 20:35:05z Send another N:HOTG is everyone ready for Xmas? Less than a week away!
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 20:35:04z Send another CQ HOTG is everyone ready for Xmas? Less than a week away!{24
KB3HWM KC1OHT-5 12/19 19:20:02z Reply N:HOTG hello from MD de KB3HWM
KI7LTT-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 18:27:29z Reply N:ARREDDIT good morning
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 18:17:04z Reply A power bar.{YF}
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 18:03:26z Reply Cq arreddit is everyone else going to starve? I can make some extra{3
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 17:52:40z Reply Cq arreddit Tots and queso. {2
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 17:51:06z Reply Tots an queso. {1
ANSRVR KC1OHT-5 12/19 17:43:07z Reply N:ARREDDIT 4 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-5 SA0TAY-10 12/19 17:43:07z Send another N:ARREDDIT what is everyone having for breakfast/lunch?
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 17:43:06z Send another CQ ARReddit what is everyone having for breakfast/lunch?{23
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:58:10z Reply N:ARREDDIT Howdy from SC
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:54:56z Reply N:HRR Well tryed out the system and ran a D message check, Wow
KQ4DAE-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:43:30z Reply N:HRR howdy from lockhart
ANSRVR KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:24:57z Reply N:HRR 5 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-5 KO4QYZ-5 12/19 16:24:57z Send another N:HRR On Thursday send message "CQ HOTG "
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 16:24:57z Send another CQ HRR On Thursday send message "CQ HOTG "{22
KC1OHT-5 KO4QYZ-5 12/19 16:24:13z Send another N:HRR YES! I've been trying to tell everyone about #APRSThursday!
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 16:24:12z Send another CQ HRR YES! I've been trying to tell everyone about #APRSThursday!{21
VE3CNU-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:22:37z Reply N:HRR Merry Christmas all.
KO4QYZ-5 KC1OHT-5 12/19 16:18:33z Reply N:HRR just checking out there is a net every Thursday on HOTG here
W4MWM-9 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:56:38z Reply Hello from near Savannah, GA. Name is Marc. EM92ma{1
ANSRVR KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:55:42z Reply N:HRR 4 Messages Sent
KC1OHT-5 KD8OFT-5 12/19 15:55:42z Send another N:HRR Hello from FN42! 39⁰F Sunny
KC1OHT-5 ANSRVR 12/19 15:55:41z Send another CQ HRR Hello from FN42! 39⁰F Sunny {20
KC1OHT-5 KD8OFT-5 12/19 15:54:10z Send another To ANSRVR "CQ HOTG "{3
KC1OHT-5 KD8OFT-5 12/19 15:53:35z Send another There is an APRS Thursday net. Any time on Thursday send a message {2
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:22:04z Reply transport.{XX}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:22:03z Reply I've enabled TCPIP and now the check box allows "Best" for+{XW}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:20:11z Reply up and implimented it.{XT}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:20:08z Reply Amazing communications considering a bunch of "Amatuers" dreamed+{XS}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:18:19z Reply Pretty slick.{XR}
W4MWM-9 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:16:36z Reply N:HRR ANYONE AROUND?
KD8OFT-5 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:15:04z Reply so it's nice to have to have some folks to test it out with{2
KD8OFT-5 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:14:43z Reply Hi, I just started using APRSDroid recently{1
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:10:15z Send another Just do "CQ ARReddit " same as you did to join{35
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:09:50z Send another You can send a message to all users subscribed to the group as well{34
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:09:47z Reply Correct{XL}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:09:16z Send another SA0TAY?{33
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:08:26z Reply Just answered a message from a swedish call sign.{XH}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:07:25z Send another That's what I was thinking too {32
SA0TAY-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:07:24z Reply Thank you!{1
KC1OHT-5 KD8OFT-5 12/19 15:06:53z Send another Good morning {1
KC1OHT-5 SA0TAY-10 12/19 15:06:41z Send another Hello welcome!{1
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:06:34z Reply me but that must not be the case.{XE}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:06:29z Reply I was thinking your's could go out TCPIP and then to RF closer to+{XD}
SA0TAY-10 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:06:13z Reply N:ARREDDIT Hello, world?
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:05:38z Send another That one sent faster{31
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:05:15z Send another Well if you are on RF only you must only be able to receive via RF?{30
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:03:34z Reply air.{XC}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:02:24z Reply I wonder if it forces yours to RF so your TNC has to wait for dead+{XB}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 15:01:11z Send another It was slow but it sent {29
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:01:05z Reply received..."{XA}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 15:00:57z Reply Seems ok from this end. I got "Message Received" and your, "I+{WZ}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:58:53z Send another I received the message but mine doesn't want to send{28
K0STK-5 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:58:47z Reply N:ARREDDIT It is -1 @EN16
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:58:21z Reply How about that.{WW}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:56:21z Send another Message received {27
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:56:12z Reply TEST No TCPIP ENABLE.{WV}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:55:22z Reply the TCPIP down and try it again.{WU}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:55:17z Reply It appears your reply came via TCPIP so I'm going to totally shut+{WT}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:52:29z Reply That was what was needed.{WS}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:51:52z Send another Message received {26
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:51:37z Reply KC1OHT DE KE4WFD VIA RF Only.{WR}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:50:53z Reply check it. Next message will come from RF if it works.{WQ}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:50:52z Reply There's a "message" switch on the KPC-3 port config. Going to+{WP}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:47:07z Reply I'm in central VA and it's fairly thick here too.{WO}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:46:38z Send another But I am in greater Boston area there are tons of digipeater/ igate{25
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:46:01z Reply I may have to try that again.{WN}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:45:51z Send another So I only connect via TNC on my laptop {24
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:45:39z Send another It lets you connect via TNC and via TCP/IP separate {23
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:45:21z Reply I've played with that also.{WM}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:45:10z Send another With Pin Point APRS on my laptop {22
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:44:57z Send another And soundmodem TNC {21
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:44:49z Send another See I use a SignaLink with my Kenwood TM255a {20
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:44:05z Reply out.{WL}
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:44:04z Reply I need to dig in the menus to find out why the "RF Only" is greyed+{WK}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:43:55z Send another Packet messages will only make so many hops max from what I know {19
KE4WFD-1 KC1OHT-5 12/19 14:43:43z Reply Good point.{WJ}
KC1OHT-5 KE4WFD-1 12/19 14:43:27z Send another Which I think that station is in FL{18