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KC1UFQ-1 KC1IHK-7 04/26 16:13:34z Send another Hi back. It works. 🙂{1
KC1IHK-7 KC1UFQ-1 04/26 14:13:19z Reply hi18
KC1IHK-7 KC1UFQ-1 04/26 14:13:18z Reply hi{18
KC1IHK-7 KC1UFQ-1 04/25 14:59:58z Reply hi{10
KC1IHK-7 KC1UFQ-1 04/25 14:46:21z Reply hi{9
KC1IHK-7 KC1UFQ-1 04/25 14:24:54z Reply hi{7
KC1UFQ-1 KC1IHK 04/23 02:35:14z Send another It worked! Pretty cool. Nice chatting with you today. {2
KC1IHK KC1UFQ-1 04/22 23:26:01z Reply whats up{90
KC1UFQ-1 KC1IHK 04/22 19:06:41z Send another Adam, I also have this on my phone. This is a little easier typing.{1
KC1UFQ-1 KC1UFQ 04/22 18:36:45z Send another Test test{3
KC1UFQ-1 KC1UFQ 04/22 18:35:08z Send another Test to self. {2
KC1UFQ-1 KC1UFQ-2 04/12 00:52:13z Send another Test{2
KC1UFQ-1 KC1UFQ-2 04/12 00:51:41z Send another Hey{3
KC1UFQ-2 KC1UFQ-1 04/12 00:51:08z Reply Llll{3
KC1UFQ-2 KC1UFQ-1 04/12 00:51:08z Reply Hi{2
KC1UFQ-2 KC1UFQ-1 04/12 00:51:08z Reply Test{1
KC1UFQ-1 KC1UFQ-2 04/12 00:48:58z Send another Trst{1