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SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 15:03:07z Reply @5129473615 I want you to take her while I'm gone and out of town t{M9240
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 15:02:46z Reply @5129473615 I do not feel safe with that dog any longer{M9239
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 15:02:27z Reply @5129473615 We are getting rid of Dingus Even if we drop her off at{M9238
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 14:03:50z Reply @5129473615 Workout plus still not feeling well in the chest{M9232
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/28 13:36:36z Send another @5129473615 why? {36
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 13:27:27z Reply @5129473615 I'm in so much pain{M9228
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/28 13:11:14z Send another @5129473615 you can reach me here {35
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 12:26:44z Reply @3039946611 Need me to come up?{M9222
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/28 12:18:13z Send another @3039946611 finally stopped raining. Vac-ing water/gas{34
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/28 11:48:32z Reply @3039946611 How are things?{M9219
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 21:59:15z Send another @3039946611 evac. lightening{33vubI
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 21:56:03z Send another @3039946611 evac. lightening{33
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/27 21:40:02z Reply @3039946611 All good?{M9191
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/27 21:05:00z Reply The number 3147561149you is invalid{E9190
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/27 21:03:56z Reply The number 3147561149you is invalid{E9189
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/27 21:02:49z Reply The number 3147561149you is invalid{E9188
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 04/27 21:01:35z Reply The number 3147561149you is invalid{E9187
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 21:01:34z Send another @3147561149you can text me here. derek {32
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 20:48:54z Send another @3034319910 CER show {31
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 20:32:34z Send another @3034319910 send excavator lyons. derek{30
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 04/27 20:21:46z Send another @3039946611 no cell. on scene. standby{29
KE0KZY-9 K8PNW-9 04/23 21:56:44z Send another You too! {28
K8PNW-9 KE0KZY-9 04/23 21:50:12z Reply Nice UR on APRS Today 73 de Tom {0
KE0KZY-9 KP4IA-1 04/16 16:44:20z Send another you too {27
KP4IA-1 KE0KZY-9 04/16 16:42:42z Reply Greetings de Tony-KP4IA. Have a safe drive ! 73{73
KE0KZY-9 KB9UZO-2 04/03 01:28:32z Send another recvd{26
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/16 13:15:25z Reply @7204319910 ????{M5172
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/16 13:09:25z Send another @7204319910 fired up immediatly today {24
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/16 12:31:59z Send another @7204403326 wrecks in town. pat should do delay start {22
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 15:28:53z Send another @7204319910 i understand {21
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 15:27:19z Reply @9702140930 Okay{M5067
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 15:19:06z Reply @7204319910 Deeply sorry. Field service is over loaded and some tec{M5066
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 15:14:15z Send another @9702140930 dozer dead, wont jump. will call from Nederland {20
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 15:08:59z Send another @7204319910 i imagine. it wont jump even on 24V, will see what EPA{18
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 15:08:17z Send another @7204319910 wants to do {19
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 15:04:19z Reply @7204319910 Field service is taking a pretty good hit this morning {M5062
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:45:35z Reply @3039946611 That is a windy spot{M5060
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:44:44z Reply @7204319910 10-4. Work with field service{M5059
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:44:27z Send another @3039946611 ground blizzard now that sun is up{17
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:40:19z Send another @7204319910 have 24V truck in route {16
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:37:02z Send another @7204319910 will keep trying {15
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:35:38z Send another @7204319910 still cranks for now but wont start {14
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:33:37z Reply @3039946611 Amante at bottom of canyon is good{M5058
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:33:33z Send another @3039946611 ha! {13
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:30:26z Reply @3039946611 Call Pat for that, you're on a CER job{M5056
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:29:03z Send another @3039946611 cafe latte {12
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:28:43z Reply @9702140930 I talked with Adam. He is clearing his truck now and h{M5055
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:20:59z Send another @9702140930 thamks {11
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:17:19z Reply @3039946611 Let me know if you need anything{M5054
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:11:58z Reply @9702140930 Will do{M5053
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:08:47z Send another @9702140930 see if Adam can meet me {10
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:07:56z Send another @7204319910 will try. only 12 v here {09
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:06:29z Send another @3039946611 yes. wasnt sure if first text got thru.{07
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:06:09z Send another @7204319910 not batt. but dead now {08
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:04:06z Reply @7204319910 It{M5051
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:03:54z Reply @7204319910 Did you guys try to jump in yet?{M5050
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:03:27z Send another @9702140930 it wont start. Wagner is aware{06
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:02:43z Reply @3039946611 So, you're in contact?{M5049
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:02:41z Send another @3039946611 yes. he got my radio text {05
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:01:41z Send another @7204319910 yes {04
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:01:15z Reply @3039946611 Dozer?{M5048
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/15 14:01:04z Reply @7204319910 Any chance of our field service trucks getting up there{M5047
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 14:00:26z Send another @3039946611 it won't start. can you call eric caplim?{03
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/15 13:58:52z Send another @7204319910 D6 in Ward won't start. Derek{02
KE0KZY-9 SxeGTE 03/15 13:58:52z Send another @7204319910&D6 in Ward won't start. Derek{04
KJ6CXL-9 KE0KZY-9 03/11 22:29:52z Reply radio mesage check{04
KE0KZY-9 SMSGTE 03/11 19:49:28z Send another @2145380459 test{01
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/11 19:47:23z Reply @2145380459 Test{M4609
SMSGTE KE0KZY-9 03/11 19:43:23z Reply @2145380459 Received{M4605