KF0BMD-15 messages

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KF0BMD-15 KF0BMD-9 05/15 02:06:15z Send another Is it beer 30? de KF0BMD-9 KF0BMD-11 Hi Kevin
KF0BMD-5 KF0BMD-15 05/13 19:18:31z Reply Ariss.net says I did...---...---{0CB80
KF0BMD-15 KF0BMD-9 05/13 18:55:09z Send another Well? Did you make the map?
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-11 05/11 07:09:01z Send another 510&511 6 Jeffco Courtroom 320
KF0BMD-15 N0YB-11 05/04 23:29:50z Send another 73 de KF0BMD
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 05/04 21:03:33z Send another 511 Code 9 from TrajOps to W2 (TomCat)
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 05/02 22:20:50z Send another 511 6 TomCat
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 05/01 07:52:07z Send another N0SL de KA0TXW via KF0BMD-9: Going to see TomCat from W1.
KF0BMD-15 KC0VKH-9 05/01 07:40:55z Send another Hi there KC0VKH-9! de KF0BMD-15
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 05/01 07:40:43z Send another How I Love you ShaunaLove ... Jerald
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-11 04/30 16:26:52z Send another 511 on console ops effective 1100 per Buckley Command 2 de KA0TXW
KF0BMD-15 N0SL 04/30 16:21:53z Send another 510 de 511 Hi there? See me??
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-10 04/26 21:47:16z Send another Hey Space Command call us on FREEmet-1
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 04/26 21:46:32z Send another 510 & 511 6 to PubDef Code 10
KF0BMD-5 KF0BMD-15 04/22 17:39:17z Reply Msg received โšก๐Ÿ“ก๐Ÿ“ถ{F44D0
KF0BMD-15 KF0BMD-9 04/22 16:44:20z Send another Hey Kevin, NG Plea entered this morning meet me on FREEnet F1. Thx
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-11 04/22 16:41:10z Send another 510&511 Code9 to Buckley AFB SNOC Arraignment complete NG plea 73
KF0BMD-15 NA1ISS 04/20 00:57:13z Send another NA1ISS de KA0TXW-1 via KF0BMD Op: Jerald. 'Dont drop it!!!' 73.
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-1 04/17 18:01:00z Send another NA1ISS de KA0TXW / KF0BMD 5&8 73! Op: Jerry
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-15 04/12 17:50:38z Send another KA0TXW-1 447.575 -5.0 107.2CTCSS Aeronautial RDF FCC OO Station #1
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-11 04/12 11:44:34z Send another KF0BMD de KA0TXW Traffic from NA1ISS on SMS-2: PENDING, 3 Messages
KF0BMD-15 N0SL-10 04/10 10:06:20z Send another N0SL de RU0ISS Thx Shauna for the adjustment! Buckey Cmd2
KF0BMD-15 303623524 04/09 12:09:01z Send another 5110551205784523
KF0BMD-15 KA0TXW-1 04/08 16:49:27z Send another KA0TXW Monitoring from West-Console Ops2 17:00
KF0BMD-11 KF0BMD-15 04/07 20:30:09z Reply U Ok? Msg recvd via ISS Denver, co 73's
KF0BMD-5 KF0BMD-15 04/06 17:17:15z Reply Wow!! What happened? Call me โ˜Ž๏ธ{FD11F
KF0BMD-15 KF0BMD-9 04/06 15:00:53z Send another 511 Cleared the hospital, it was a close one!
KF0BMD-5 KF0BMD-15 04/04 18:32:39z Reply Back porch detected ๐Ÿ“กโšก๐Ÿ“ถ{EF250
KF0BMD-15 KF0BMD-9 04/04 18:05:08z Send another Hi from the back porch 511
KF0BMD-15 KC9YTT 03/27 21:26:18z Send another Thank you QSL to ka0txw@gmail.com
KC9YTT KF0BMD-15 03/27 21:02:21z Reply You are 599 in Williamsfield Illinois! 73'