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KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/20 00:49:29z Reply on way back{69
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/20 00:06:31z Reply rej7dfjx
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/20 00:03:41z Send another messages received {7dfjx
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/20 00:03:26z Send another Hello{7dfjw
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/19 22:57:35z Reply leaving the garden now{68
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/19 21:11:30z Reply gog stop 1{67
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/19 18:57:37z Reply crystal lake{66
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/19 18:31:40z Reply on the way down{65
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/19 18:26:35z Reply at the top{64
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/19 02:39:20z Send another are you there?{xbob7
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/19 02:35:42z Send another howdy{xbob6
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/19 02:35:27z Send another hohwdy{xbob5
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/19 02:35:12z Send another howdy{xbob4
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/19 02:34:22z Send another hello there{xbob3
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 21:36:23z Reply alright{61
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 21:12:55z Reply alright{59
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 15:59:52z Send another alright{97jgo
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 15:58:06z Send another sounds good{97jgn
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 15:57:36z Reply picking up the stuff{58
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 15:33:52z Send another okay{97jgm
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 15:30:10z Reply we are at the place{57
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 15:22:49z Reply got it{56
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 15:19:18z Send another Hi Hi{97jgl
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/18 15:18:20z Reply hey hey ray ray{55
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 03:03:32z Send another test{ivp4r
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:31:49z Send another X2 only testing. Please no spam!{fn2e0
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:31:34z Send another #1 this message is not for you mr nosy nosy! look away - I am {fn2dz
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:27:31z Send another fooger{fhupo
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:24:26z Send another X3 ensure the network does not get bam-chucked!{fbj12
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:24:11z Send another #2 pieces and sent with a proper space between the parts to {fbj11
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:23:56z Send another #1 this is a big honking messge that should be broken into {fbj10
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:22:35z Send another hoo-ha!{fbj0z
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:18:01z Send another howdy - are you there?{evgc9
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/18 01:10:36z Send another hello?{evgc8
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 22:05:46z Send another hoopdy doopdy doo{8a44u
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 22:05:17z Send another the quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dogs{8a44t
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 22:00:55z Send another hello 2{7ycxz
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 22:00:34z Send another hello{7ycxy
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:56:09z Send another X2 faldsafs83474278 nbdfrhg74q6aa{7ycxx
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:56:09z Send another #1 junk junk junk junkk dkldlf;dgdhgg dfhdslfhd;s eioiergfngal {7ycxw
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:12:37z Send another X2 now youve got it!{65frg
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:12:37z Send another #1 funky funky winker bean longer message and longer message {65frf
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:06:45z Send another X3 perhaps even more better. please mind you own business!{65fre
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:06:45z Send another #2 make sure the threads are still working as expected or {65frd
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:06:45z Send another #1 this is a giant multi part message that i need to test to {65frc
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/17 21:05:45z Send another humpty dumpty sat on a wall{65frb
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/17 21:05:10z Reply hello{64olc
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/16 21:44:49z Reply gog{54
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/16 18:24:38z Reply crystal lake{53
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/15 22:37:44z Reply range check 2{52
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 22:26:50z Send another range check response{e62rq
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/15 21:19:11z Reply range check 2{51
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/15 21:12:45z Reply range check{50
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 20:18:08z Send another test{9ki7p
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 16:52:18z Send another X2 made - lets see what happens!{222mx
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 16:51:46z Send another #1 This is a crazy big message that will require a split to be {222mw
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 16:48:02z Send another got it!{222mv
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/15 16:47:21z Reply this is a test message{21duo
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 16:40:47z Send another this is a test{1t26v
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/15 16:21:33z Send another test message{13ksp
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/15 00:07:27z Reply forgot phoneorter one{49
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:57:32z Send another X2 could be better used elsewhere!{1yr6d
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:57:32z Send another #1 just another annoying test to take up some bandwidth that {1yr6c
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:48:35z Send another another test{1miwt
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:45:47z Send another test{1jns6
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:42:29z Send another new version{1f8k4
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:02:12z Send another test complete{zxuu3
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:00:52z Send another X2 those chickens?{zxuu2
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 23:00:52z Send another #1 are you going to stop by the whole foods and pick up one of {zxuu1
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:54:24z Send another #2 whooop whoop!{zpmy3
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:54:24z Send another #2 gonna get it never gonna get it. get it. doooo whooop {zpmy2
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:54:24z Send another #1 now its time for the break down. Never gonna get it never {zpmy1
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:48:47z Send another go!{ziez8
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:48:47z Send another algorithm to make sure all the pieces get through. Here we {ziez7
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:48:47z Send another going to be well over 60 chars so I need to test the split {ziez6
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:48:47z Send another this is going to be a very very long message. in fact it is {ziez5
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:31:42z Send another and this is a short one{yvoaf
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:31:10z Send another this is a one liner that i am trying to see if it works what do you think{yvoae
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:24:37z Send another here is a shorter one{yctce
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:16:37z Send another type your message here but do not go over 160 characters because if you do then the message wont work. I am going all the way to the end so that there is no dou{yctcd
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:10:36z Send another have a good trip - call me when you can{xum1h
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/14 22:07:56z Reply humpty dumpty had a great fall{48
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 05/14 22:03:24z Send another humpty dumpty sat on a wall{xum1g
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 05/14 21:54:24z Reply the big kafoimk is on the air{47
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 21:37:25z Reply gotcha!{wyer9
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK-2 05/14 21:31:20z Send another howdy dudy{wqvbg
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 21:27:53z Reply hello there{wmfik
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 21:13:57z Reply final{w403e
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:57:39z Reply another testing of even more stuff!{vjcyy
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:53:21z Reply another tester{vdxr7
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:49:55z Reply another test{v9iq0
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:44:22z Reply another tester{v2hhn
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:40:55z Reply another test{ux39k
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:29:19z Reply another test{uix4k
KF0IMK-2 KF0IMK-1 05/14 20:14:26z Reply test message
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 04/29 23:11:35z Reply #q#46
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 04/29 23:11:34z Reply #q#{46
KF0IMK-1 KF0IMK 04/23 01:17:57z Send another You have 0 Messages.omezy
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 04/23 01:17:57z Reply #q#45
KF0IMK KF0IMK-1 04/23 01:17:57z Reply #q#{45