KF0MCM-10 messages

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KF0MCM-10 N0WAR 06/02 04:09:43z Send another Ack pl{2
KF0MCM-10 KM4ACK 06/02 04:09:16z Send another Testing》Ack pl{1
KF0MCM-10 NA1SS 06/01 21:59:02z Send another S2》D2》ZGG2》DE K F Ø M C M{1
WA8LMF KF0MCM-10 06/01 18:15:21z Reply rej2
KF0MCM-10 WA8LMF 06/01 18:15:12z Send another Testing, response requested{2
KF0MCM-10 WA8LMF 05/18 15:15:18z Send another Testing, response requested{1
KF0MCM-10 W0WAL-1 05/17 22:22:38z Send another Relay bounce discovered from w1van{1
KF0MCM-10 KF0ILS 05/17 22:20:00z Send another Aprs sms text de KF0MCM{1
KF0MCM-10 WO9B-10 05/17 22:18:08z Send another Oh not zero{1
KF0MCM-10 WO9B 05/17 22:15:46z Send another Keep missing the oh and zero.{1
KF0MCM-10 W0SUN-7 05/17 22:15:08z Send another Test shark aprs{1
KF0MCM-10 W0SUN-S 05/17 22:15:08z Send another Test to your ft-sd{1
KF0MCM-10 W0SUN-N 05/17 22:15:08z Send another Test aprs sms, please acknowledge.{1
KF0MCM-10 AK6CZ 05/17 22:15:08z Send another testing de kf0mcm{1
KF0MCM-10 KF0MCM-10 05/16 04:01:28z Send another Bounceback test{1
KF0MCM-10 N0WAR 05/14 19:09:41z Send another Test{1
KF0MCM-10 K5RHD-10 05/13 05:40:38z Send another To: smsgte kf0mcm add 3039071937{3
KF0MCM-10 KQ4DZY 05/13 05:36:43z Send another Test de KFØMCM-10{1
KF0MCM-10 VE2WKR-9 05/01 22:12:33z Send another Test 125{2
KF0MCM-10 RS0ISS 04/20 13:40:33z Send another KFØMCM》S2》D2》ZGG2{2
KF0MCM-10 VE2WKR-9 04/20 13:30:21z Send another Test aprs text mssg{1
KF0MCM-10 KF0MCM-6 04/20 13:06:21z Send another Test to base{1
KF0MCM-10 KF0MCM-2 04/19 17:47:35z Send another Test to ht{1