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KJ7HVX-4 KC3OFA-7 04/17 03:01:36z Send another Thank you! Was playing with a new ht on my way back from nyc!{5885A
KJ7HVX-4 KD2JGS-7 04/16 14:55:27z Send another Hi there, test from another HT in Manhattan{FAE3B
KK7NNH KJ7HVX-4 04/16 00:28:07z Reply 73, only cool story I have is learning how much speed GGLers takeπŸ˜‚{5
KJ7HVX-4 KK7NNH 04/16 00:24:59z Send another Work at Google, exploring other roles in tech. What nonprofit?{0F62B
KJ7HVX-4 KK7NNH 04/16 00:24:30z Send another True that! 73 and good evening, thank you!{2666C
KK7NNH KJ7HVX-4 04/16 00:23:27z Reply Local grp in BK. I toured GGL HQ in mnhttn yrs ago, many cameras{4
KK7NNH KJ7HVX-4 04/16 00:18:36z Reply Used to work @ nutty hospital, now I work @ nonprofit. Fun! πŸ€ͺ{3
KK7NNH KJ7HVX-4 04/16 00:14:26z Reply Good luck and good vibes. Switched jobs myself in December πŸ˜‚{2
KJ7HVX-4 KK7NNH 04/16 00:11:34z Send another In NYC for a job interview tomorrow.{76889
KJ7HVX-4 KK7NNH 04/16 00:11:25z Send another Ha your license shows Seattle, I used to live there!{FEA81
KK7NNH KJ7HVX-4 04/16 00:03:41z Reply Native New Yorker haha πŸ˜‚{1
KJ7HVX-4 KK7NNH 04/16 00:00:06z Send another Hey there, nice to see someone listening, you originally from WA?{1F141