N1HMT messages

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WA2FHJ N1HMT 05/17 23:43:17z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
K5DNA N1HMT 05/17 23:41:37z Reply 73s from EM35{67
K4KDR-6 N1HMT 05/13 00:36:54z Reply 73 from FM17
N1CMD-6 N1HMT 05/10 01:27:48z Reply UR 599 from FN43
KE4TP N1HMT 05/10 01:25:17z Reply GE fr EL87..73
N1RCN N1HMT 04/28 12:57:37z Reply OSL and 73
KB2M-4 N1HMT 04/28 12:57:35z Reply RR 73
N1RCN N1HMT 04/28 12:57:21z Reply Hello from EL87 (Live)
KB2M-4 N1HMT 04/28 12:57:05z Reply GM and 73 via ISS
W0IR N1HMT 04/19 13:52:01z Reply Tnx es Dale W0IR
WB8JAY N1HMT 04/18 16:15:33z Reply Heard you via ISS de Dan - WB8JAY
VE5DWR N1HMT 04/13 18:40:59z Reply UR 599 DO62 Saskatchewan