N1KWG-10 messages

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ANSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:33:57z Reply No Memberships{AJ}CB
CQSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:33:57z Reply Not member of any group.{05}CC
N1KWG-10 CQSRVR 05/19 00:33:57z Send another L{CC}04
N1KWG-10 ANSRVR 05/19 00:33:57z Send another L{CB}AH
ANSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:12:31z Reply No Memberships{AH}BZ
CQSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:12:31z Reply Not member of any group.{04}CA
N1KWG-10 CQSRVR 05/19 00:12:31z Send another L{CA}03
N1KWG-10 ANSRVR 05/19 00:12:31z Send another L{BZ}AG
ANSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:12:05z Reply No Memberships{AG}BX
CQSRVR N1KWG-10 05/19 00:12:05z Reply Not member of any group.{03}BY
N1KWG-10 CQSRVR 05/19 00:12:05z Send another L{BY}
N1KWG-10 ANSRVR 05/19 00:12:05z Send another L{BX}