N1RIJ-4 messages

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N1RIJ-4 N1RIJ-1 05/31 20:10:42z Send another test{966E0
N1RIJ-4 N1RIJ-1 05/31 20:07:38z Send another test{DAF04
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:27:43z Reply SLP113 T01331022{EM
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:27:38z Reply KMHT 081653Z VRB05KT 10SM BKN060 BKN080 OVC200 13/M02 A2982 RMK AO2{EL
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:27:32z Send another kmht{D033E
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:25:49z Reply Currently at Concord Municipal Airport, Temp:54 wind:0@0,overcast{EK
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:25:43z Send another current{B0AD5
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:32z Reply Unable to find location for N1RIJ-4{EJ
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:26z Reply Forecast available only at United States locations{EI
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:21z Reply what= full,metar,cwop,current or whois{EH
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:16z Reply when= tonight,tomorrow, or day of week i.e. Sunday{EG
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:11z Reply where= City,ST callsign,APRS obj,lat/lon,grid,CWOP,airport or zip{EF
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:22:06z Reply Send an APRS message to WXBOT with 'where' 'when' 'what'{EE
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:22:01z Send another wx help{BFB95
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:18:53z Reply Sunny High 76{ED
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:18:48z Reply 5 Miles NE Woodfield SC. Special Weather Statement, This Afternoon,{EC
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:18:42z Send another wx here{A6B58
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:18:23z Reply No CWOP data available for station DW2935{EB
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:18:17z Send another cwop 1770{560FE
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:17:27z Reply No CWOP data available for station DW2935{EA
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:17:21z Send another cwop{5704A
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/08 17:15:38z Reply No CWOP data available for station DW2935{DZ
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/08 17:15:30z Send another cwop{75686
N1RIJ-4 N1RIJ-7 05/04 11:35:15z Send another Test on HHI{CF9B7
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 05/04 11:31:17z Reply No CWOP data available for station DW2935{BS
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 05/04 11:31:10z Send another cwop{011D6
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 04/18 12:04:18z Send another cwop{04290
WXBOT N1RIJ-4 04/07 19:48:57z Reply No CWOP data available for station DW2935{DE
N1RIJ-4 WXBOT 04/07 19:48:37z Send another cwop{40844