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N7FMH-15 KJ4ERJ-12 11/12 19:28:20z Send another I now have mine along with a Digirig.{LP}
N7FMH-15 KJ4ERJ-12 11/12 19:27:32z Send another Get your RPi 2 W 2 yet?{LO}
KE5KTU-7 N7FMH-15 11/12 00:59:46z Reply yep been ke eping busy !{72
W1PGA-7 N7FMH-15 11/10 21:15:18z Reply ty/73{1
N7FMH-15 KE5KTU-7 11/10 21:09:19z Send another Haven't seen you in a while!{AE}
N7FMH-15 K8RWM 11/10 21:04:14z Send another I did!{AD}
N7FMH-15 KJ4ERJ-12 11/08 17:51:04z Send another You are welcome!{AC}02
KJ4ERJ-12 N7FMH-15 11/05 20:30:02z Reply Just saw it on the map!{02}
KJ4ERJ-12 N7FMH-15 11/05 20:29:49z Reply Thanks for the B-day wishes{01}
KC1GSL-1 N7FMH-15 11/04 00:53:10z Reply I see you too!{16
N7FMH-15 KG7FDW 11/03 02:56:20z Send another Greetings!{AB}
E23HMS-1 N7FMH-15 10/23 18:23:00z Reply rejaz!^N>/]73 de Robert=
N7FMH-15 N1SFT-8 09/26 16:31:19z Send another Hi. My name is fred.{UG}
N1SFT-8 N7FMH-15 09/22 00:18:14z Reply my name is Craig{36