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ANSRVR W0RMT-7 02/02 08:49:48z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{PN}
HB9FVI-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 08:40:05z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Switzerland
TA2CAX-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 06:36:24z Reply N:HOTG Turkiye Ankara 73
KG5JNC-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 04:05:41z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday
WD4ITE-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 03:50:56z Reply N:HOTG 73's from Mathews,Va
AI5HV-1 W0RMT-7 02/02 03:03:39z Reply N:HOTG Hello from AI5HV
KI4BSX W0RMT-7 02/02 01:35:46z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday ki4bsx
KD9TNU-3 W0RMT-7 02/02 01:28:53z Reply N:HOTG CHECKIN FROM WI
VU2LCI-10 W0RMT-7 02/02 01:07:02z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Bangalore
KD5FMU-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 01:00:40z Reply N:HOTG hamradiolife.org
KI5ZIT-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:39:36z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY Greetings from Rou d Rock TX 73
WV8T-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:35:07z Reply N:HOTG 73 from WV8T
KM6MCI-5 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:31:52z Reply N:HOTG KM6MCI 73 California
K4SBC-7 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:31:25z Reply N:HOTG happy #aprsthursday de k4sbc
KJ4M-9 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:29:38z Reply N:HOTG Hello world
W7SEA-9 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:14:47z Reply N:HOTG 1200 is the lucky #
KB5LNC-15 W0RMT-7 02/02 00:01:52z Reply N:HOTG HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY is up and running. Hello to everyone!
9V1LD-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:58:28z Reply N:HOTG checking in. 73 to all
KB8IFX-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:57:56z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRS thursday 73 KB8IFX
9M2ZAR-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:57:02z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY May All Your Prayers Come True 🤲
AA1PR-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:56:21z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday vt mobile
MM0XET-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:56:11z Reply N:HOTG Greetings from Scotland de MM0XET
KO6ALP-6 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:53:11z Reply N:HOTG heavy rain here SO CAL
N1TLH-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:48:03z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Tennessee
KE8RUH-10 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:45:25z Reply N:HOTG Happy aprs Thursday from Detroit
KR8U-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:24:11z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday better late than never 73
9M2RPN-1 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:23:06z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Planetarium Negara, KL, MY.
YB8XM-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:22:04z Reply N:HOTG Hello all from AMBON ISLAND
KC0TAF-1 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:22:01z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Minnesota
9M2IBR-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:19:12z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY
W0CBP-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:17:31z Reply N:HOTG hello from South Dakota!
KI5MFF-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:11:42z Reply N:HOTG dm64
HK4D-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 23:02:21z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday, 73
KF1D W0RMT-7 02/01 22:59:41z Reply N:HOTG CHECKING IN OVER 80M JS8CALL
KD0TLS-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:59:22z Reply N:HOTG Groundhog Day tomorrow! EN35 MINNESOTA via RF
KC3SXH W0RMT-7 02/01 22:59:19z Reply N:HOTG Good Evening from central Pennsylvania
HK3JAT-1 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:50:11z Reply N:HOTG greetings from Chia, Colombia
N4GLE-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:49:55z Reply N:HOTG de Pat EM64 NW ALABAMA hello everyone
CT7AQH-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:46:49z Reply N:HOTG Hello friends. Miguel checking in from Portugal. 73
KO4ROU-8 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:46:12z Reply N:HOTG Greetings de SC USA grid fm03cd
2E1LEX-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:44:18z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from 2E1LEX
N2NED-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:34:02z Reply N:HOTG hi from Syracuse Ny
KB3HWM-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:23:27z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSThursday From Dave In MD
KF5WJC-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:19:52z Reply N:HOTG APRSThursday checkin de KF5WJC
KD8GIJ-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 22:09:31z Reply N:HOTG Yea, It"s #APRSTHURSDAY Again de KD8GIJ in EM99px
TA2VYL-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:57:05z Reply N:HOTG 73 de TA2VYL!
VA6GAC-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:56:05z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday Calgary AB
PA0ESH-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:53:42z Reply N:HOTG 73's Erik
W5JAK-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:52:24z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Denver Colorado USA
KC3UDJ-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:51:10z Reply N:HOTG Happy February from MD!
K3HDG-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:49:20z Reply N:HOTG hello from PA FN20is. Happy #APRSThursday!
HK1E-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:44:13z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSTHURSDAY 73
N1NHT W0RMT-7 02/01 21:39:36z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSthursday from conway sc USA
ES8BHR-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:35:54z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY all ES8BHR
TA3E-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:35:49z Reply N:HOTG 73 TA3E
TA3E-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:33:33z Reply N:HOTG 73 de ta3e
N8CNZ-10 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:32:48z Reply N:HOTG APRS😀😀😀😀
KJ5DZQ-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:28:36z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Valencia Middle School NM DM64
KJ4ERJ W0RMT-7 02/01 21:19:53z Reply N:HOTG In and Out
KC4SM W0RMT-7 02/01 21:17:30z Reply N:HOTG Checking in via RF from sw VA. Have a goodweek! 73 de KC4SM
KY4WQ-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:17:10z Reply N:HOTG happy #APRSTHURSDAY Kissimmee FL 73
WO1Z-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:13:16z Reply N:HOTG join
KB3KBR-2 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:09:06z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRSTHURSDAY!!!
KK7DBH-7 W0RMT-7 02/01 21:05:23z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY APRS THURSDAY 73
TA2UJG-5 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:55:44z Reply N:HOTG Türkiye 73
KO4PZX-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:55:22z Reply N:HOTG APRS THUR
ANSRVR W0RMT-7 02/01 20:54:46z Reply N:HOTG 201 Messages Sent{ZO}
KG5GJT-9 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:54:33z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from The Big Easy, LA 73 KG5GJT
W0RMT-7 ANSRVR 02/01 20:51:44z Send another CQ HOTG hola amigos!
EB2BE-8 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:51:40z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSThursday from LoRa Tracker 73!
ANSRVR W0RMT-7 02/01 20:51:08z Reply Duplicate (retry?) request suppressed
N2RWE-12 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:49:55z Reply N:HOTG Check out your #APRSTHURSDAY stats at aprs.to! 73 from N2RW
HP1CDW-2 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:49:39z Reply rej
ANSRVR W0RMT-7 02/01 20:49:29z Reply N:HOTG 201 Messages Sent{ZN}
W0RMT-7 XE2KK 02/01 20:49:29z Send another N:HOTG hola amigos!
PU2MUS-1 W0RMT-7 02/01 20:49:28z Reply AA:tks msg, 73 Marco, Santos/SP/Brazil.
W0RMT-7 ANSRVR 02/01 20:49:27z Send another CQ HOTG hola amigos!{08
W0RMT-7 ANSRVR 02/01 20:49:26z Send another CQ HOTG hola amigos!08