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KB0HKY-2 W0WAL-4 07/21 16:57:39z Reply Baofeng radio used often to build hotspots. {4
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 07/21 16:35:42z Send another Not sure what the 888's is??{AA848
KB0HKY-2 W0WAL-4 07/21 16:08:28z Reply 2W! Is that the same module that is in the 888's? Software needed!{3
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 07/21 15:45:50z Send another Right go look at the device I posted in discord under aprs lol{E5FA4
KB0HKY-2 W0WAL-4 07/21 15:40:54z Reply Hey, app works too! Kind of like the mesh, using all the tools!{2
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 07/21 15:37:13z Send another I have my radio at home beaconing -1 and I'm only app right now{332AA
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 06/09 13:01:35z Send another Message from OHIO Neal Armstrong Museum{7C730
W0WAL-4 KN6VV-9 06/07 12:30:46z Send another See you made it to Lincoln have safe travels{A2463
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 06/04 21:41:29z Send another Sending this with HT in FT collins{2139B
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 05/27 01:56:42z Send another Tried sending you a message from my station to yours not sure{C8364
KB0HKY-2 W0WAL-4 05/26 05:14:03z Reply Ok! At least we are communicating! It's a miracle! Hve a gr8 day!{4
W0WAL-4 KB0HKY-2 05/26 03:27:17z Send another I don't have my aprs station up will have to try it{C08DA