W1LAI messages

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SMS W1LAI 03/31 13:44:42z Reply @mel pokity{1051
W1LAI W1LAI-7 03/29 23:13:19z Send another test 1{0f}
W1LAI SMS 03/29 14:26:30z Send another @6176787002 test 3{0e}
W1LAI SMS 03/29 14:12:25z Send another @me test 2{0d}
W1LAI SMS 03/29 14:06:54z Send another @me test 1{0c}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 03/17 22:58:17z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1069
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:54:14z Send another @mel time for bfast{0b}1
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:50:44z Send another #alias #add mel 8572225911{0a}1
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:48:05z Send another #alias #remove mc 8572225911{0Z}1
SMS W1LAI 03/08 13:46:48z Reply @mc *double snickle*{1
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:41:08z Send another @8572225911 boop{0Y}1
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:30:33z Send another @mel boop{0X}1
W1LAI SMS 03/08 13:04:10z Send another @mel boop{0W}1
SMS W1LAI 03/08 12:44:01z Reply @me received amigo{1
WLNK-1 W1LAI 03/08 12:42:36z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{5362
W1LAI SMS 03/08 12:41:08z Send another @me buenos dias{0V}
W1LAI SMS 02/18 15:43:38z Send another @me msg via ISS{0R}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:57:19z Reply rej0Q}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:57:19z Send another SMS mcherng@gmail.com test message{0Q}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:56:24z Reply rej0P}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:56:23z Send another SP mcherng@gmail.com test email{0P}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:50:16z Reply Message sent to: charlestlf@pm.me{2250
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:49:15z Send another /EX{0O}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:48:57z Send another body of message{0N}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:48:29z Reply New message to: charlestlf@pm.me. Send /EX when complete.{2249
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:48:23z Reply Message sent to: charlestlf@pm.me{2248
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:48:17z Send another SP charlestlf@pm.me test message{0M}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:47:17z Reply Message 1 Deleted{2247
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:47:11z Reply test email Fm:SMTP:charlestlf@pm.me Msg:body of email{2246
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:46:52z Send another SMS charlestlf@pm.me test short message{0L}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:46:03z Reply test email Fm:SMTP:charlestlf@pm.me Msg:body of email{2245
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:45:59z Send another K1{0K}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:44:28z Reply 1) 02/18/2024 14:34:11 test email 363 bytes{2244
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:42:59z Send another R1{0J}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:40:19z Send another r1{0I}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:36:49z Reply Hello W1LAI. Login valid for ~2 hours{2243
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:34:10z Send another L{0H}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:33:14z Reply Login [743]:{2241
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:33:04z Send another Isd82O{0G}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/18 14:31:37z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{2240
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/18 14:31:02z Send another login{0F}
SMS W1LAI 02/17 01:24:55z Reply @mc *snickle*{7
W1LAI SMS 02/17 01:16:55z Send another @mc boop{0D}3
W1LAI SMS 02/17 01:05:38z Send another @me received msg 73{0C}3
W1LAI SMS 02/17 01:03:50z Send another received msg 73{0B}3
SMS W1LAI 02/17 01:01:50z Reply @me test from cell 1{3
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/17 00:04:50z Reply test email Fm:SMTP:charlestlf@pm.me Msg:body of email{2048
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/17 00:04:49z Send another r1{0A}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/17 00:04:27z Reply 1) 02/16/2024 23:59:58 test email 363 bytes{2047
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/17 00:03:20z Reply Unknown request. Send ? for help{2046
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/16 23:59:57z Send another L{09}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/16 23:58:27z Send another ak79O208}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/16 23:58:16z Reply Hello W1LAI. Login valid for ~2 hours{2045
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/16 23:58:15z Send another ak79O2{08}
W1LAI WLNK-1 02/16 23:58:03z Send another log{07}
WLNK-1 W1LAI 02/16 23:57:30z Reply Login [657]:{2044
SMS W1LAI 02/16 23:41:27z Reply @me Got it 73{2
W1LAI SMS 02/16 23:41:25z Send another @me test cell 106}
W1LAI SMS 02/16 23:40:46z Send another @me test cell 1{06}
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:55:07z Reply @mc :D{6
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:54:06z Send another @mc ok! see you soon05}5
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:53:48z Send another @mc ok! see you soon{05}5
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:53:11z Reply @mc <3 <3 {5
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:52:15z Send another @mc copy!04}2
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:52:14z Send another @mc copy!{04}2
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:51:50z Send another copy!03}2
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:51:49z Send another copy!{03}2
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:50:08z Reply @mc Booboo here. Chicken wing, do you copy?{4
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:49:40z Reply @mc START{3
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:48:37z Reply @mc Booboo here. Chicken wing, do you copy?{2
SMS W1LAI 02/16 02:48:28z Reply @mc Booboo here. Chicken wing, do you copy?{1
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:44:07z Send another @mc hello from over here!02}
W1LAI SMS 02/16 02:44:06z Send another @mc hello from over here!{02}
SMS W1LAI 02/15 17:34:21z Reply @me Received test 1{1
W1LAI SMS 02/15 17:33:48z Send another @me test 101}
W1LAI SMS 02/15 17:33:36z Send another @me test 1{01}