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W1VI-2 KD1SL-9 07/05 16:41:07z Send another Hi Tony. Good to have you back home.{1
KD1SL-9 W1VI-2 07/04 22:05:34z Reply I hope you get thisTony{1
W1VI-2 KD1SL-9 06/22 13:24:57z Send another Hi Tony. Good moring.{1
W1VI-2 KD1SL-9 : 06/21 14:07:30z Send another ello from W1VI{3
KD1SL-9 W1VI-2 06/21 14:07:25z Reply Greetings all seems to be wroking fineTony{1
W1VI-2 06/20 19:14:42z Send another
KD1SL-9 W1VI-2 06/20 19:13:30z Reply I see you but not my station symbol{1