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WXBOT WX0M-7 07/24 18:38:31z Reply on,Heavy Rain 70% High 62{JR
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/24 18:38:26z Reply 9 Miles NW Bonanza City CO. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afterno{JQ
WX0M-7 WXBOT 07/24 18:38:19z Send another 3{41
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/24 18:35:55z Reply few clouds{JO
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/24 18:35:51z Reply Currently at San Luis Valley Regional Airport, Temp:76 wind:999@5,a{JN
WX0M-7 WXBOT 07/24 18:35:44z Send another current{40
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/24 18:30:46z Send another @jel great wx for reading inside{39
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/24 18:28:04z Send another #mapme @jel{38
SMSGTE WX0M-7 07/24 18:27:33z Reply Your position was sent to @jel{C2286
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/23 18:43:01z Send another #mapme @jel{37
SMSGTE WX0M-7 07/23 18:41:58z Reply Your position was sent to @jel{C2160
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/23 18:39:52z Send another @jel at camp{36
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/23 18:36:59z Send another @jel perfec' wx @marshall pass{35
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:34:37z Reply mm,cloud 28%{QL
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:34:32z Reply Sedgewick (historical) light rain T:19.25C,W9@0.6,H48,P1017hPa,rain{QK
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/23 18:34:27z Send another current{33
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:32:29z Reply in.{QJ
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:32:24z Reply DW5967 81,wind:194@8 g22,1039.4mbar,rh:35%,rain:1h:0.00in.,24h:0.03{QI
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/23 18:32:17z Send another cwop{34
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:29:56z Reply mm,cloud 28%{QH
WXYO WX0M-7 07/23 18:29:51z Reply Sedgewick (historical) light rain T:19.25C,W9@0.6,H48,P1017hPa,rain{QG
WXYO WX0M-7 07/22 16:44:17z Reply Boulder clear sky T:29.99C,W103@3.63,H37,P1017hPa,rain mm,cloud 1%{PM
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/22 16:44:11z Send another current{32
WXYO WX0M-7 07/22 16:39:01z Reply Tmax 29.12,W233@0.41,H32,P1013hPa,rain 0mm,snow 0mm,clouds 100 %{PL
WXYO WX0M-7 07/22 16:38:56z Reply Boulder in 2021-07-23 15:00:00 overcast clouds T:29.12C Tmin 29.12,{PK
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/22 16:38:50z Send another 24 full{31
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:23:00z Reply 5 to 7 mph in the afternoon.{BZ
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:22:55z Reply sunny, with a high near 92. Light and variable wind becoming east{BY
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:22:50z Reply 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon. Mostly{BX
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:22:45z Reply 3 Miles NNE Eldorado Springs CO. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,A{BW
WX0M-7 WXBOT 07/22 16:22:37z Send another 24 full{30
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:12:38z Reply CW7944 87,wind:calm,1002.4mbar,rh:35%,rain:none{BV
WX0M-7 WXBOT 07/22 16:12:32z Send another cwop{29
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:11:28z Reply CW7944 87,wind:calm,1002.4mbar,rh:35%,rain:none{BU
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:10:20z Reply CW7944 87,wind:calm,1002.4mbar,rh:35%,rain:none{BT
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/22 16:08:13z Reply CW7944 87,wind:calm,1002.4mbar,rh:35%,rain:none{BS
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 23:42:54z Send another @jel bra is packed{27
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 23:35:19z Send another @jel ok{26
SMSGTE WX0M-7 07/20 23:29:14z Reply Your position was sent to @jao{C1873
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 23:29:13z Send another #mapme @jao{25
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 21:18:43z Send another @jao very hot here{24
WXYO WX0M-7 07/20 21:13:52z Reply Boulder few clouds T:33.44C,W133@4.3,H23,P1014hPa,rain mm,cloud 13%{MV
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/20 21:13:47z Send another current{23
WXYO WX0M-7 07/20 21:10:03z Reply ax 19.87,W248@2.9,H53,P1014hPa,rain 0mm,snow 0mm,clouds 56 %{MU
WXYO WX0M-7 07/20 21:09:58z Reply Boulder in 2021-07-21 09:00:00 broken clouds T:19.87C Tmin 19.87,Tm{MT
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/20 21:09:53z Send another 12 full{22
SMSGTE WX0M-7 07/20 21:05:54z Reply Your position was sent to @jao{C1863
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 21:05:53z Send another #mapme @jao{21
SMSGTE WX0M-7 07/20 21:00:09z Reply The number 7202383066 has been associated with this callsign.{C1861
WX0M-7 SMSGTE 07/20 21:00:09z Send another #mynumber add 7202383066{20
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/18 17:13:22z Reply ance T-storms 10% High 91{NH
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/18 17:13:17z Reply 3 Miles NNE Eldorado Springs CO. Air Quality Alert, Today,Slight Ch{NG
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/18 17:12:49z Reply ance T-storms 10% High 91{NF
WXBOT WX0M-7 07/18 17:12:44z Reply 3 Miles NNE Eldorado Springs CO. Air Quality Alert, Today,Slight Ch{NE
WX0M-7 WXBOT 07/18 17:12:38z Send another 12{19
WX0M-7 WXY0 07/18 17:07:26z Send another 12{18
WX0M-7 WXY0 07/16 23:25:20z Send another 12{17
WXYO WX0M-7 07/16 23:11:56z Reply CW7944 79,wind:calm,1003.7mbar,rh:39%,rain:none{JG
WX0M-7 WXYO 07/16 23:11:50z Send another cwop{16