WX0M-9 messages

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WX0M-9 SMSGTE 06/10 17:41:03z Send another @jel warm and windy. Follow me on aprs.fi{B1D5F
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 06/10 17:21:58z Send another @jel warm and windy. Follow me on aprs.fi{3DD24
WXBOT WX0M-9 05/22 21:56:04z Reply EW7948 71,wind:66@8 g20,1002.8mbar,rh:17%,rain:none{SR
WX0M-9 WXBOT 05/22 21:55:57z Send another cwop{BD22B
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/19 23:50:05z Reply @jel Super{M2061
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/19 23:22:15z Reply @ss Great! ???{M2058
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/19 23:06:53z Send another @ss at campsite, perfect weather{1D9F7
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/19 23:04:37z Send another @jel at camp, perfect weather{07F4D
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/19 23:04:01z Reply The number camp, is invalid{E2057
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/19 23:04:00z Send another @camp, perfect weather{C51A5
WXYO WX0M-9 05/19 23:02:35z Reply 0mm,clouds 31 %{BO
WXYO WX0M-9 05/19 23:02:30z Reply Fruita in 15h scattered clouds T:12.57C,W137@4.07,H47,P1006hPa,rain{BN
WX0M-9 WXYO 05/19 23:02:24z Send another 15{AA9D2
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/19 18:20:26z Reply @jel Just got back from the hills.{M2003
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/19 18:20:21z Reply @jel Thanks for the update!????I???m sure the drive has been gorgeo{M2002
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/19 18:01:10z Send another @jel on Vail Pass, switching drivers{70D82
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/17 18:10:11z Reply @jel Another test{M1823
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/17 17:38:38z Send another Thanks{15E1C
SMSGTE WX0M-9 05/17 17:38:18z Reply @jel Got it{M1820
WX0M-9 SMSGTE 05/17 17:37:27z Send another @jel test from John{F212E
WXYO WX0M-9 05/17 17:35:39z Reply m,clouds 40 %{AU
WXYO WX0M-9 05/17 17:35:34z Reply Boulder in 3h light rain T:14.78C,W117@2.76,H72,P1017hPa,rain 0.24m{AT
WX0M-9 WXYO 05/17 17:35:29z Send another 3{1808F
WXYO WX0M-9 05/17 17:34:24z Reply KBDU 171715Z AUTO 12004KT 10SM SCT019 SCT025 15/10 A3002 RMK AO2
WXYO WX0M-9 05/17 17:34:18z Reply KBDU 171715Z AUTO 12004KT 10SM SCT019 SCT025 15/10 A3002 RMK AO2{AS
WX0M-9 WXYO 05/17 17:34:11z Send another Metar{B4DA3W-WX
WX0M-9 WXYO 05/17 17:34:11z Send another Metar{B4DA3
WXYO WX0M-9 05/17 17:33:09z Reply CW7944 58,wind:90@4 g0,1007.0mbar,rh:77%,rain:none{AR
WX0M-9 WXYO 05/17 17:33:02z Send another Cwop{1333A
WX0M-9 WX0M-7 05/17 17:26:29z Send another Test to HT{D8458