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WZ0C-3 N0ISU 01/20 01:45:54z Send another Thanks for the contact on FT8. I'm from Marshalltown originally.{DW}
WZ0C-3 KC1YJ 01/19 01:28:32z Send another Hello{DU}0Q
KC1YJ WZ0C-3 01/19 01:25:47z Reply Hello from FN42 NH{0Q}
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:04:32z Reply SPOT 3: KN3A | K-9719 | 14061.6 | CW{00608
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:04:30z Reply SPOT 2: KD4MZM | K-1894 | 21074 | FT8{00607
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:04:29z Reply SPOT 1: K5UUU | K-2997 | 14074 | FT8{00606
WZ0C-3 APSPOT 01/18 21:04:25z Send another spots pota{DV}
WZ0C-3 KC1YJ 01/18 21:03:59z Send another Hello{DU}
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:02:55z Reply SPOT 3: AE0TT | K-6489 | 14074 | FT8{00605
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:02:54z Reply SPOT 2: WP4MQQ | K-7551 | 28180.0 | FT4{00604
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:02:52z Reply SPOT 1: N2AKJ | K-2152 | 14057.0 | CW{00603
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:50z Reply SPOT 3: K2WPA | K-1611 | 21074 | FT8{00602
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:49z Reply SPOT 2: KD4MZM | K-1894 | 21074 | FT8{00601
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:47z Reply SPOT 1: WP4MQQ | K-7551 | 28180.0 | FT4{00600
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:19z Reply SPOT 3: NK1V | K-7532 | 7203 | SSB{00599
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:17z Reply SPOT 2: KC3KJQ | K-2900 | 14270 | SSB{00598
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:01:16z Reply SPOT 1: WH6EY | K-6408 | 28074 | FT8{00597
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:00:46z Reply SPOT 3: KD4MZM | K-1894 | 21074.0 | FT8{00596
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:00:45z Reply SPOT 2: AE0TT | K-6489 | 14074 | FT8{00595
APSPOT WZ0C-3 01/18 21:00:43z Reply SPOT 1: N2NWK | K-0654 | 10136 | FT8{00594
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/17 01:16:17z Reply Thank everyone for what you do fon NTS{34
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/17 01:13:53z Reply 2 passed{33
WZ0C-3 N1IQI 01/17 01:07:47z Send another Going to send Bob to Sharon to give you traffic.{DT}
WZ0C-3 N1IQI 01/17 01:06:34z Send another Roger{DS}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/17 01:06:25z Reply checking in{32
WZ0C-3 N1IQI-1 01/17 01:06:05z Send another Hi Loren, are you on the net?{DR}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/03 01:27:04z Reply WINTERFEST at KofC WHITMAN MART 18{26
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/03 01:24:53z Reply WA1NPO.ORG{25
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/03 01:16:17z Reply thanks for all you do{24
WZ0C-3 N1IQI 01/03 01:14:27z Send another Any traffic?{DQ}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/03 01:12:21z Reply one passed{23
WZ0C-3 N1IQI 01/03 01:05:15z Send another Gotcha{DP}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 01/03 01:05:09z Reply checking in{22
WZ0C-3 N1IQI 12/13 16:06:56z Send another Sorry -- wasn't looking at APRS last night.{DO}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 12/13 01:05:15z Reply checking in{89
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/11 01:53:34z Reply it popped up when I put his callsign on my email addresses.{40
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/11 01:52:52z Reply Then he told me his new address. {39
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/11 01:52:17z Reply I sent it to him at W1JWM@Winlink.org and he got it there first.{38
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/11 01:40:03z Send another Kudos to you. I didn't read far enough on QRZ.{DN}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/10 00:52:35z Reply back{37
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/10 00:49:57z Reply good idea. that should bring a few pieces bank!{36
KC1KVY-4 WZ0C-3 12/09 21:58:41z Reply Not sure why she wanted HXD.{4749C
KC1KVY-4 WZ0C-3 12/09 21:57:56z Reply Ok{105F0
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 21:57:17z Send another back nicely.{DM}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 21:57:16z Send another I'm putting that CA traffic from HHTN on MARIPN so the HXD comes+{DL}
KC1KVY-4 WZ0C-3 12/09 03:45:34z Reply Thanks!{512F1
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 03:23:45z Send another SHANNON NOT MICHELLE{DK}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/09 01:44:05z Reply Thanks for the offer! and for being here!{35
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 01:25:01z Send another I can also take it to digital for Loren if you'd like.{DJ}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 01:05:48z Send another I can help with through.{DI}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/09 01:05:45z Send another Got on late. Didn't hear what you were asking for help with.{DH}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/07 00:54:29z Reply Thanks! It was odd! but that's the way it goes sometimes {34
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/06 03:37:36z Send another It's not you. It's the repeater.{DG}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/06 03:37:27z Send another by a hum.{DF}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/06 03:37:26z Send another She's going to need fills. You're occasionally getting stepped on+{DE}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/06 01:26:17z Reply Thank you. {33
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/06 01:25:09z Send another Thank you{DD}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 12/06 01:20:35z Reply thanks ror all you do{74
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/06 01:17:48z Reply Loren N1IQI tried to check in.{32
N1IQI WZ0C-3 12/06 01:05:02z Reply it was me {71
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/05 01:37:16z Reply That was great!{31
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 12/03 00:55:28z Reply Thanks. {30
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/02 19:30:32z Send another You're 59+20{DC}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 12/02 19:30:21z Send another Best signal I've ever gotten from you.{DB}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/30 03:12:39z Send another You may be right to take it then.{DA}
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/29 01:09:55z Reply I NOT BOSTON{69
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/29 01:09:25z Reply to N1IQI{29
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/29 01:09:17z Reply 2 sent{28
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/29 01:05:49z Reply Hi MICALE{68
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/29 00:58:07z Reply unsuccessful{27
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/29 00:57:14z Reply if in successful I'll check in here with Thru 2 in a book. {26
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/29 00:56:39z Reply I'll try to check in via the radio{25
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/27 01:06:43z Reply did not make boston{65
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/26 03:24:34z Send another Did you catch the OOZ call?{EU}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:31:21z Reply via WinLink{24
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:31:08z Reply South Attleboro sent. {23
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:21:24z Reply doing it now.{22
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:20:57z Reply WinLink? ok. {21
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:19:40z Reply Not a problem. I'll go with plan B with the S Attleboro{20
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:16:06z Reply Thanks to everyone for their flexibility!{19
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:15:48z Reply Back{18
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:15:37z Reply 2 passed to N1IQI. {17
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/26 01:15:30z Reply two passed{64
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:11:55z Reply Back on Boston{16
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:11:01z Reply 1 passed to KB1SYL{15
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/26 01:08:41z Reply was me n1iqi{63
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:05:15z Reply thanks{14
N1IQI WZ0C-3 11/26 01:05:15z Reply was me{62
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:03:01z Reply In. {13
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:02:26z Reply that was me checking {12
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 01:02:10z Reply yup{11
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/26 01:01:35z Send another You on?{ET}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 00:57:04z Reply A book for South Attleboro 1 and Revere 1.{10
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 00:56:26z Reply Thru 2 plus{9
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 00:56:10z Reply if unsuccessful I'll check in here.{8
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/26 00:55:51z Reply I will try to check in on air.{7
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/25 19:22:39z Send another I got a new mic. Curious for an audio report if you have one.{ES}
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/24 02:28:52z Send another You're welcome!{ER}
KC1KVY-5 WZ0C-3 11/24 01:31:48z Reply Thanks for taking that traffic!{6
WZ0C-3 KC1KVY-5 11/22 02:18:41z Send another Oh, I see you now.{EQ}